4 July 2016


One of those brands that I've walked past many times when at the chemist, is W7 Cosmetics - and to quite honest, I have literally walk past it thinking that at those rock-bottom prices, surely it's not even worth looking at. But you'd be surprised. Recently W7 Cosmetics have launched their new collection, which includes a selection of cool products..

The W7 Cosmetics Glocomotion is truly a multi-functional product as the pale golden powder can be used as both a shimmer powder, a highlighter and an eye shadow. The simmer is super fine, but still packs a punch, so if you don't want to get too shimmery, do apply moderately. Personally, I prefer using it as an eye shadow, and just a tiny bit as a highlighter on the top of my cheek bones - but come summer, it will also be perfect to add a touch of glow to your shoulders and décolleté.

The W7 Cosmetics Prime & Glow is a primer in a compact form, which is a first for me - I've only ever tried liquid ones! To apply, I simply used swiped my fingers over the compact, and then over my face, concentrating on those area that I usually do with a primer, the t-zone. I am not sure that the primer really helped extend the wear of my foundation, as a primer normally would - but I did notice immediately after applying it, that the pale pink formula evened out my skin tone considerably, and hence making my skin look healthier.

The W7 Cosmetics Powder Puff, is a great dupe for the famous beauty blender, and certainly at a much better price. It has an hourglass shape, and as any other sponge blender, it is great for blending foundation, blusher and other cream based makeup products. I do personally prefer sponges with a slightly pointier tip to make it a little easier to use especially under the eyes (with two little ones, I'm very sleep deprived, and hence have huge dark circles to hide!), but considering it low price, its definitely a decent contender and worth a try.

The W7 Cosmetics Kabrow Brow Thickener, is a powdery brow product that is applied to the brows with a pointed sponge applicator to help fill and shape the brows. It is super easy to use, and does have a very natural look. Consistency wise I'm unsure if its a dupe for any high end products, but I do know that the name Ka Brow is also used by Benefit Cosmetics for one of their brow products.

The W7 Cosmetics The Naughty Nine Eye Shadow Palettes, are another great sample of dupes, as both in style and colour combination, these are very similar to MAC's 9 x Eyeshadow Compact. Yes, as expected, the pigmentation, and the wear is not comparable, but W7 still manages to do a great job - and intensity of the shades can certainly be built up, as well as the wear can be extended by using a primer first. The Hard Day's Night includes a range of blue and grey shades with a combination of matte and shimmery shades, while the Mid Summer Nights Palette includes shades ranging from gold, pink, and plums, also in matte and shimmery. Needless to say that conservative me prefers the ladder version, which in my opinion has some stunning autumn-y shades.

Finally, there are the W7 Cosmetics Face Shaping Contour Stix, which again are a dupe from many other contour sticks on the market, including some from Smashbox. Now, I have not tried the ones from Smashbox, so I cannot really compare the quality and performance. But I do like these - and any other stick makeup products for that matter, eye shadows, lip crayons etc, as they are just so quick and simple to use. The pack contains one highlighter as well as a darker contouring shade and an even darker bronzer. Personally I would have preferred if the highlighter and bronzers had been slightly lighter in colour, but I can still make them work. They have a creamy formula and are easy to blend, so if you can't quite justify or afford the more expensive versions, these are definitely a good alternative product for an easy everyday sculpted look.

All in all, these are some great new additions to the W7 Cosmetics range, and I particularly enjoy using the Face Contour Stix, the Eye Shadow Palette in Mid Summer Nights and the Glocomotion. These products really are so inexpensive, yet the quality is surprisingly good, so they are definitely worth checking out.

W7 Cosmetics Prime & Glow - RRP: $4.99
W7 Cosmetics Glocomotion - RRP: 4.99
W7 Cosmetics Powder Puff - RRP: $4.99
W7 Cosmetics Kabrow Brow Thickener - $4.99
W7 Cosmetics The Naughty Nine Eye Shadows - $9.99
W7 Cosmetics Face Shaping Contour Stix - $9.99

W7 Cosmetics is available from Chemist Warehouse, My Chemist and My Beauty Spot

* Some products may have been kindly provided for consideration, and have reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.

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