13 July 2016


Last Saturday, the 9th July 2016, Melbourne saw the opening of world premiere of Scooby-Doo Live! Level Up! At Her Majesty's Theatre in Melbourne. Growing up I was always very fond of Scoopy-Doo, so I was naturally very excited when I was invited and could bring along our little boy. 

The show naturally includes all the favourites including Shaggy, Fred, Daphne and Velma, and of course Scoopy-Doo, who all remain very true to their original characters.

In the show a new technology shop, Killertech, has just opened in Crystal Cove and plots to shut down the much-loved retro games arcade next door.

More trouble lurks when Scooby and The Mystery Inc Gang get trapped inside a virtual world of creepy gaming ghosts!

But thanks to an abundance of Scooby Snacks, after countless chases and coming across countless ghosts, Scooby-Doo and his friends, manage to solve the mystery, not least thanks to carrying mobile phones while testing out Velma's ghost finding app.

The show is full of fast paced action, techno colour and songs, and as it is very interactive it encourages the whole family to participate by clapping and singling along from their seats. And while it is full of ghosts, we didn't see one scared child, as it was done in a very humorous way.

It is recommended for children as young as four or five, and I consequently have to say that our three year old was probably a tad too young to really understand that it was all about - but he still really enjoyed the show having fun spotting Scoopy-Doo, and the other characters as well as the ghosts - so overall it was a very enjoyable show that I'd highly recommend.

On the negative - and the only negatives that I can find, are that the music was extremely loud,- I understand that it has to be loud enough for everyone to hear over screaming and yelling kids, but this was extremely loud. Secondly, this is our first time going to Her Majesty's Theatre, and considering this was a family show, it was very disappointing that our little boy - and countless (older) kids around us were really struggling being able to see the stage from their seats, and ended up sitting on their parents labs - frustrating when you have actually been forced to pay in full for a seat for kids too - so while if kids shows are to show in the future at this theatre, providing the smaller kids with 'booster' seats, would be an ideal solution.   

The Scooby-Doo Live! Level Up! Show has moved on from Melbourne but can be seen in the following locations throughout Australia;

13 July - Canberra Theatre Centre, Canberra       
15 & 16 July - Roslyn Packer Theatre Walsh Bay, Sydney
19 July - Adelaide Entertainment Centre Theatre, Adelaide 
23 July - Riverside Theatre, Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre, Perth        

To find out more or to purchase tickets, visit Lifeliketouring 


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