21 July 2016


I love it when I discover new brands, and one of the most recent ones is Manuka Biotic. The key ingredient in Manuka Biotic is organic Manuka Oil, which is known to help aids the body in repair and rejuvenation while the antibacterial, anti-fungal and antiviral properties work by helping to keep the skin clean and clear of bacteria that can cause skin problems such as eczema, acne, spots and other blemishes.

All the products contain certified organic Manuka Oil that comes from The Coromandel Mountains Manuka Company in New Zealand – a farm that distills their own Manuka essential oil. The Manuka Biotic products are very gentle and suitable for all skin types, including those with sensitive skin or prone to allergies or eczema, thanks to being free from chemical nasties including parabens, SLS, SLES, PEGs, PABA, EDTA, petrochemicals, mineral oils, and phthalates as well as they do not contain added colours or fragrances.

The Refreshing Clean Natural Body Wash is a soap free gentle natural plant based antibacterial body wash designed for every day use to help clean and clear the skin of bacteria that can cause skin irritation as well as providing daily hydration. It also has healing properties to help clear up cuts and scraps as well as helping to deal with skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis.

The key ingredients in the Body Wash are;
  • Manuka Oil with antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties, to help fight bacteria and keeps the skin clean and healthy.
  • Glycerine to help preserve the skin’s moisture. 
  • Kanuka Oil with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties
This is a good basic shower gel for both him and her, and I love how it so gently cleans my skin without making it feel dry or irritated. I don't suffer from ezcema or other skin irritations, but I do get the occasional blemishes on my back, especially during winter when I'm always covered up in countless layers, and while using this Body Wash I have noticed that I've not had any breakouts, so definitely worth it.

Next is the Nourishing Repair Body Lotion which makes use of the healing properties of Manuka Oil in combination with Jojoba, Rosehip, Vitamin E and Shea Butter, to help soothe and moisturise the skin as well as reduce irritation and inflammation thanks to its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

The key ingredients in the Body Lotion are;

  • Grapefruit seed extract, which is rich in Vitamin C and E that helps improve skin complexion.
  • Jojoba oil to provide all day moisture and protection 
  • Kanuka Oil to protect the skin from free radical damage and thanks to its antimicrobial properties help keep the skin clean and healthy. 
  • Olive oil which is rich in Vitamins A and E to soothe and nourish dry skin
  • Rosehip oil, a natural source of Vitamin A to nourish and repair the skin while as well as protect against free radicals. 
  • Shea butter, rich in Vitamin A & E, to improve skin blemishes and moisturise the skin 
  • Vitamin E to help soothe, heal and protect the skin
  • Calendula Oil, an anti-inflammatory to help soothe itchy and inflamed skin conditions

My skin is pretty normal, but during winter it does tend to get a little dry and consequently also itchy, especially on the legs, and sometimes I have found myself having to apply moisturiser again during the day, to stop myself from scratching my skin - but while using this Manuka Biotic, this has not been necessary. One application in the morning, and my skin has felt soft and smooth throughout the day, without any irritations. As I've been putting the cream on my body, I have also been using it on my feet which are particularly dry (and neglected, thanks to having two little kiddies and very little time to myself), but again, using this body lotion has made a significant difference, as especially my heels are no longer dry and cracked as they were before.

Finally, the Nourishing Natural Hand Cream. I wash my hands more times during the day than I can count, not helped by changing nappies on two little boys, and with the little one being sick and not having an immune system, hygiene is extremely important in our house - and all this hand washing (and using antibacterial lotions), are without a doubt very drying on the hands, and not helped by the cold winter weather. So I always rely on a good hand cream that i can apply throughout the day, and both my hubby and I have been using the Nourishing Natural Hand Cream lately.

The key ingredients in the hand cream are;
  • Manuka Oil with antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties, to help fight bacteria and keeps the skin clean and healthy.
  • Beeswax white to add a breathable barrier to the skin and help prevent moisture loss
  • Cucumber extract to soothe and add moisture
  • Calendula oil for its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties making it great for soothing dry hands and healing the skin.
  • Kanuka Oil to protect the skin from free radical damage and thanks to its antimicrobial properties help keep the skin clean and healthy. 
  • Olive Oil, rich in antioxidants including Vitamins A and E, and is an excellent natural moisturiser to soothe and nourish dry skin
  • Shea Butter rich in Vitamin A & E, Shea Butter is important for improving skin blemishes and other conditions as well as being a rich moisturiser
  • Vitamin E to help soothe, heal and protect the skin

The cream is thick and rich, yet it absorbs quickly and easily into the skin, leaving the hands soft and clearly moisturised, and without any greasiness or stickiness, and I feel that even after washing my hands, they retain the moisture. This hand cream has now been placed in the laundry, where I tend to wash my hands following nappy changes.

Overall I am really enjoying using these products, and I love they are free from chemical nasties, and that they are loaded with properties thanks to the natural ingredients. I also love that the products are free from added fragrances, as that is a sure ingredient to irritate sensitive skin - but that said, the products do have a slight odd scent that, and I think it would be lovely if it also contained other ingredients for the pure reason of making it smell a little nicer, such as maybe orange or lavender. But again, it is still subtle scent and as it does subside rather quickly once the creams have absorbed into the skin, the scent is certainly tolerable. So I can definitely see myself purchasing these again, and if you have sensitive skin or are plagued by ie eczema, then I highly recommend that you give them a go too.

Refreshing Clean Natural Body Wash - RRP $19.99
Nourishing Repair Body Lotion - RRP $29.99  
Nourishing Natural Hand Cream - RRP: $22.95

Also available from the range is shampoo, conditioner, face cleanser and face cream

Manuka Biotic range is available in from leading health stores across Australia - for stockist details, visit Manuka Biotic

* Some products may have been kindly provided for consideration, and have reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.

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  1. I love all the ingredients in the Body Lotion and Hand Cream. Hadn't heard of this brand before!

  2. Been loving the body wash from this brand! Haven't tried the lotion yet but very excited to after reading your thoughts.


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