30 July 2016


I don't know what it is with little kids and lights. They see a light switch and they just have to touch it, don't they. And the household torches, carefully located in drawers throughout the house, just in case of a power cut, are never safe either. Well, at least not with our 3 year old - while we have now, finally, stopped him from constantly turning lights on and off, he is still obsessed with torches. So when I came across the VTech Spin & Learn Colours Torch, I knew it would be a massive hit, with both him, and soon also with his little 14 month little brother. 

But actually, the torch is intended for kids aged 18-36 months, but that hasn't stopped the 37 month old from falling in love with it since it was given to him. He simply carries it around everywhere, just in case he needs the light, to see if any toys have been pushed under the couch, or he cannot find a specific other toy in the toy basket - even in the middle of the day!

At his age, he is naturally already beyond benefiting from a lot of the features of the torch, but they will soon be a very valuable learning tool for little brother who is loving the different coloured lights, sounds and songs.

The Spin & Learn Colours Torch glows with six different colours and plays fun songs and music ,in fact it has over 70 different songs, melodies, sounds and phrases, so I constantly keep hearing some I haven't heard before as they boys are playing with the torch.

As you turn the ring around the light, it introduces animals so you can learn about them, and it glows in the different colours. You can also learn about colours and letters so you can learn the alphabet and how to count - and of course the fun phrases and music that encourages imitative play.

Combined all these features help with: 

  • Language Development by introducing age-appropriate vocabulary through fun phrases and sing-along songs to promote language development 
  • Sensory Development by playing fun sounds, music, sing-along songs, flashing lights and colourful objects that provide auditory and visual stimulation 
  • Imitative Play as the real working torch encourages imitative play 
  • Motor Skills as pressing the buttons promotes fine motor skills development and turning the dial promotes gross motor skills development. 

The torch (thankfully) also has an on-off button, although sadly kids seems to be able to locate that one very quickly - but at least, unlike many other battery operated toys, it has a reasonable and tolerable noise level.

Overall, this VTech Spin & Learn Colours Torch is seriously such a hit with out two little boys that I wish I'd come across it earlier.

VTech Spin & Learn Colours Torch - RRP $19.95ea
Available from Department Stores and toy retailers

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