20 July 2016


I think everyone is familiar with the Maybelline Baby Lips range. And no doubt due to the success of those, a new range of tinted ones, the Baby Lips Candy Wow range of lip glosses were introduced...

These Baby Lips Candy Wow are lip glosses in crayon format that are enriched with vitamin E to keep lips hydrated and soft whilst adding a touch of tint to the lips, and they do feel very comfortable to wear - actually, just as if you were wearing a normal lip balm. They are available in four shades: Raspberry Tangy, Mixed Berry Bubblegum, Cherry Jellybean and Peach Lollipop, each one of them with a sweet candy scent, that smells so yummy that you're almost tempted to eat them!
  • Cherry Jellybean - a beautiful sheer red shade
  • Mixed Berry Bubblegum - a sheer pinky purple shade
  • Peach Lollipop - the palest shade with just a peachy-pink sheen
  • Raspberry Tangy - a sheer pink shade

L-R: Cherry, Mixed Berry, Peach, Raspberry

The lip glosses come in bright packaging where the shade no doubt is mean to represent the actual shade, and all four shades apply with a sheer wash of colours, although the darkest colours, the Cherry and the Raspberry give the darkest tint, and hence these two are my favourites.

The lip glosses are so easy to apply thanks to the pointed crayon format, that you simply twist up when more is needed. Giving only sheer wash of tint, naturally the colour also haven't got the longest of longevity, and just a drink of water and it is more or less gone, however, without you can manage to get about two hours before you need to reapply, which is still decent for a gloss.
Because of the format and the sheer tint, these lip glosses are perfect for casual wear and simple makeup looks, as well as I also think they are perfect for young girls just starting out wearing makeup as it gives them just that touch of colour without being over the top.
The Maybelline New York Baby Lips Candy Wow are very well priced with an RRP of $6.95 each, and are available from Priceline, selected pharmacies and supermarkets.
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