1 April 2014

Industry News: Zoë Foster Blake Launches Go-To Skincare

As a beauty blogger I love when I come across new brands and new products, so it is with excitement that I share this… Zoë Foster Blake is now launching Go-To Skincare.

Go-To is an uncomplicated, all natural and effective skin care range that has been developed after years of research by accomplished author and beauty expert, Zoë Foster Blake.

The new skincare range is officially launching on April 1 2014, and it removes the standard skincare confusion by providing all that’s needed for strong, healthy, happy skin… thereby becoming your ‘go-to’ products. Launching with a thoughtful edit of five essentials – lip balm, cleanser, moisturiser, exfoliant and multipurpose body oil, Go-To offers the perfect base skincare routine, whether that skin is teenage and temperamental or lasered and lined.

Created in Australia and made in New Zealand, Go-To proudly flaunts its pure, potent natural ingredients and zero tolerance for nasties. At the core of each product are botanical actives that actually do something, like AHAs, antioxidants and deeply hydrating butters and oils.

“Go-To is the result of a decade using and reviewing every kind of skin care available, as well as some exceptional guidance from Megan Larsen, founder of award-winning organic skincare brand, Sodashi” explains former Cosmopolitan and Harper’s BAZAAR beauty director, and the author of Amazing Face, Zoë Foster Blake. “But most of all, Go-To is a range that has been developed in response to women telling me that they are baffled by skin care. That it’s too hard. Too confusing. Too serious and scary. That all they want is something simple that actually works. Go-To is exactly this.”

Go-To Product Range

Lips! – By far one of our hero, signature products – Lips! is a deeply restorative, soothing and moisturising savior for dry and cracked lips, and a delightful way to maintain happy ones. Lips! uses only the most beneficial and potent ingredients: ultra-medical grade lanolin, Shea butter, Vitamin E, beeswax and a host of powerful oils (apricot kernel oil, sweet almond oil, evening primrose oil, pomegranate seed oil, calendula oil, jojoba oil, avocado oil) to ensure lips are deeply nourished, soothed, protected and revitalised. The finish is creamy, non-sticky and very pleasant indeed. Wear alone for a pretty sheen, or as a perfect base for lipstick. RRP $14.95, 15g.


Properly Clean - a gentle cleanser that swiftly removes grime, build-up, pollutants and makeup without stripping the skin or upsetting pH levels. Properly Clean uses gentle Willow Bark extract (nature’s salicylic acid) to keep oil in check and ensure skin is spotless without being dry or unbalanced. The all-natural sugar and coconut derived base is delivered in a velvety soft mousse foam which feels incredible on the skin, and leaves the complexion smooth, soft, hydrated and happy. RRP $29.95, 150ml 


Very Useful Face Cream - an ultra-hydrating and lightweight all natural face cream that defends against premature ageing. Harnessing the extraordinary Amla berry, a power antioxidant with 30x more Vitamin C than oranges, Very Useful Face Cream sits beautifully under makeup, is a perfect daily moisturiser and is ideal for travel. Skin looks bright, happy and healthy, feels soft, smooth and supple, and is impeccably protected. RRP $39.95, 50g.  


Exfoliating Swipeys - The unique, single-use exfoliating face pads remove dead skin cells, refine skin texture, minimise the appearance of fine lines and moisturise in a flash, and all without harsh scrubbing. Each pad is soaked in gentle, naturally occurring AHAs (lactic acid) as well as ultra-hydrating almond oil, mandarin and lemon essential oils plus aloe vera to leave the skin fresh, happy and glowy. Used 2-3 times a week, Exfoliating Swipeys remove the confusion from exfoliating, ensure the skin is thoroughly clean and just make life a little easier. RRP $45.95, 50 pads.


Exceptionoil – A luxurious and completely pure do-it-all balm/oil that smells like the kind of place you’d rather be, Exceptionoil heals and soothes dry skin, flyaway hair, cuticles, heels and all those ‘rough bits.’ Combining 10 potent skin-loving oils with a blend of butters and anti-oxidants to moisturise, protect, heal and calm the skin. The natural oils that are lost when skin is exposed to the sun, wind, cold, air-con, heaters and flying are replenished, and skin is left soft and hydrated. Lightweight carrier oils ensure a delicate texture and instant absorption. Brimming with certified Monoi de Tahiti (macerated gardenia blossoms in pure coconut oil) and boasting the prestigious Appellation of Origin logo, this luxurious, authentic skin balm is a fantastic multi-purposer and a travel staple. RRP $49.95, 85g.

All the Go-To products are available exclusively online at Go-To Skincare
from 1st April 2014.

Now doesn’t this new skincare range sound amazing? Keen to ty? And have you read Amazing Face? If not, I highly recommend it!


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