21 April 2014

Product Review: Weleda Wild Rose Smoothing Day Cream and Wild Rose Smoothing Night Cream

Today I’d like to share with you my thoughts on the *Weleda Wild Rose Smoothing Day Cream and Wild Rose Smoothing Night Cream;

What They Say:
"Wild Rose Smoothing Day Cream is a rich moisturiser for normal and combination skin that counteracts fine lines, dryness and dull skin. Cold-pressed wild rose seed oil, rich in essential fatty acids, has a strengthening effect on the skin's protective barrier and provides extra nourishment."

"Wild Rose Smoothing Night Cream is a rich night cream that helps the skin to recover and strengthen its natural functions during the natural regeneration phase during the night. Skin is left feeling softer, smoother and looking more even."

Wild Rose Smoothing Day Cream (30ml): $34.95

Wild Rose Smoothing Night Cream (30ml): $34.95
But if you during April or May purchase a Wild Rose Smoothing Day Cream you will receive a Wild RoseSmoothing Night Cream free! – Available from Aveda Online or from select retailers

What I Say:
I recently tried out the Weleda Baby Calendula Shampoo and Body Wash and Baby Oil for my little boy and was quite impressed with the quality of the products, so I was very excited to be trialling these Weleda Wild Rose products as well.

Whenever I start new skincare products, and in particularly creams, I am always concerned as my combination skin is and always has been very prone to breakouts. This is sometimes hard, as at the same time my skin is mature needing more intense products.


The Weleda Rose products are specifically intended both normal and dry/mature skin types, so I did worry that the products would be too concentrated for my skin.

The Weleda Rose Smoothing Day Cream promises to help soften first lines and preserve elasticity and vitality, and it is suitable for use under makeup and can be used as both day and night cream. Unfortunately it doesn’t contain any SPF, which is why it is also suitable as a night cream.

The cream is quite light, and yet very concentrated, so it only takes a little. But in spite of the light cream, it does take a little while for it to absorb into the skin, but once it has, it leaves the skin feeling soft and very moisturised, and with a nice sheen. And as promised, it does work perfectly under my makeup, without making it slide off my face due to too much moisture.

The Wild Rose Smoothing Night Cream is only slightly thicker in consistency, yet it instantly feels so much more moisturising on the skin. Again, this cream also takes a few minutes to absorb into the skin, but that is probably also because my skin is not dry, so it may be struggling to absorb the intense moisture. But once absorbed, it leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth, and lines seem to be plumped out, clearly enjoying the moisture.

Although we’re quickly heading towards winter and I spend increasingly more time indoors with the heater going, and my skin is always getting drier in this part of the year, and I feel I need to step up my skincare and use more nourishing products. However, unfortunately this night cream is a little too intense for my skin, as I wake in the morning with skin that is feeling quite greasy, so consequently I stopped using it out of fear that it would make my skin congested and eventually breakout.

Both creams come in small metallic tubes in the cutest girly pink, and it has the most gorgeous natural scent of roses, which even after the creams have absorbed into the skin, lingers for quite a while, but as it is such a natural scent, I quite like this. The tubes look exactly the same apart from obviously one saying night cream and having a moon symbol and the other saying day cream and having a sun symbol – this is a nice, however, being blind as a bat without wearing my glasses, I do find it a little difficult to tell the two tubes apart, so I would have preferred if they had for instance been different shades of pink to make that a little easier.

The creams are certified organic, and I love that they are made without synthetic preservatives, fragrances and colourants and that they are free from mineral oil derivatives.

What I Like:
  • Super cute girly pink tubes
  • Both creams are light, yet vey moisturising
  • Leaves skin feeling very soft, thoroughly moisturised and with a nice sheen         
  • Products are certified organic
  • Made without synthetic preservatives, fragrances and colourants and that they are free from mineral oil derivatives

What I Don’t Like:
  • Day cream doesn’t contain SPF
  • The creams do take a little while to absorb into the skin
  • Without my glasses it is difficult to distinguish between the two tubes

Overall these are really lovely creams, and I love how they feel on the skin and not to mention the lovely scent of roses. Both creams are very hydrating, and unfortunately the night cream is a little too intense for my combination skin, but that really cannot be seen as a negative as the products are intended for dry skin types – so if you have dry skin, and need super hydrating creams as we head towards winter, then I highly recommend that you try these out! As I still really enjoyed using these products I will definitely check out the rest of Weleda’s large product range for some products more suitable for my skin type.
*These products were kindly provided for consideration, and have been reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.

Have you ever tried any of the products from Weleda? Do you use organic products? What’s your favourite scent?



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    1. Thanks Rinako, and thanks for following my blog. I am actually already following yours!!

  2. Replies
    1. Both of the creams are really lovely, but again, sadly the night cream was just a touch too rich for my combination skin!!

  3. I don't mind the lack of SPF so these sound really nice! xx

    1. On one hand I want day creams to contain SPF to protect my skin, but on the other, I have a feeling that its the SPF that often makes my skin break out, so I like it too when it doesn't contain it!!

  4. Awesome review girly! The packaging is so cute, lol.
    I love rose scented products, and the fact
    that they are organic is even better!
    I might just buy a tube just to try it out ^_^

    Cristielle |Fairytale Princess ☾•*

    1. I agree, it does get huge bonus points for being organic. And yes, the packaging is super-cute, isn't it!!


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