19 April 2014

Product Review: FAB On-The-Go Skincare Essentials Kit

As I am writing this I am in a holiday house living with out of just one suitcase. We sold our house, and until we can move into the house where we will be living while building a new house, we had a gap of a few weeks – and so we rented a holiday house by the beach. Very frustrating, and not to mention very stressful having to move house twice in a month – but not trying to make the most of it and enjoy living so close to the beach. And of course, with two large dogs and a baby, it was limited how much stuff I could pack for myself to use for those couple of weeks, as we had to fit it all into two cars – and with the dogs taking up the boot in one car, and the pram, highchair and portacot the majority of the boot of the other car, there really wasn’t a lot of room left for my things. So to make sure my skincare routine didn’t go completely out the window, I purposely packed some smaller sample sized items. Here are my thoughts on the *FAB On-The-Go Skincare Essentials Kit;


What They Say:
"The FAB On-The-Go Skincare Essentials Kit is the perfect on-the-go companion comprised of travel friendly sizes of Face Cleanser, Daily Face Cream, Gentle Body Wash and Body Moisturiser. Each product contains FAB’s signature blend of powerful botanical antioxidants."

RRP: $18.95 for the kit, which includes: Face Cleanser (28.3g), Daily Face Cream (30ml), Gentle Body Wash (56.7g) and Body Moisturiser (56.7g) – Available from Priceline

What I Say:
I have never heard of FAB – but I love the abbreviation which stands for First Aid Beauty, how clever. But what I love even more is the fact that the all the FAB products are formulated without parabens, harsh chemicals or colourants. The products are allergy tested and fragrance free, and consequently they are recommended by dermatologists and are safe for even sensitive skin types.

The Face Cleanser is very mild cleanser designed to remove surface oils, skin toxins, make-up, dirt and grime. And just a tiny amount froths up nicely easily removing my makeup, - well except for my waterproof eye makeup – but that is to be expected, as not many face cleansers do, and consequently I always have a specific eye makeup remover at hand. And after rinsing my skin, it is left clean deep down every pore, and it is feeling soft without feeling stripped for moisture.

I follow with the Daily Face Cream which is a light-weight, oil free and non-comedogenic cream, suitable for combination and acne-prone skin – and therefore a perfect match to my skin, and especially now that it summer, where the hot and humid weather we’ve had lately has left my skin feeling greasier and more prone to breakouts. But this cream is perfect for summer use. The Light cream quickly absorbs into the skin, and leaving my skin thoroughly moisturised, but without my skin feeling greasy or drowning in moisture. My skin remains feeling soft throughout the day, although by the afternoon it is looking a little shiny, so it doesn’t not control oil production. But after using for a week, I am happy to say that it is not making my skin break out, which is the main thing. And it works perfectly under makeup too! The cream is intended as both day and night cream – and again, being restricted with luggage, this is perfect for a short period of time, but otherwise, my ageing skin is calling for a little more in the anti-ageing department, especially during the night. And considering the cream is also for daytime use, I would also have liked to see SPF included.

In the shower I use the Gentle Body Wash, which also is a gentle body wash, that when using a loofah froths up nicely into a soft foam, gently cleansing my skin, and easily removing all traces of greasy sunscreen, yet without drying out my skin. And because it is so gentle it is perfect to use after a day outside in the sun, where you skin may be a little irritated.

In spite of the Body Wash not drying out my skin, I always follow with a body lotion, and in this case, the FAB Body Moisturiser. It has a very light formula that absorbs into the skin very quickly, leaving the skin feeling incredibly soft and velvety smooth, and with no greasiness in sight. Dry areas of the skin, such as shins are thoroughly moisturised, and remains feeling and looking soft and healthy throughout the day, without the need to reapply the Body Moisturiser.

All the products come in very generous travel sizes, so you have sufficient products to last you quite a while. And the products all close tightly, as well as they come in a small clear travel bag, so they are safe to pop into either your suitcase of your gym bag, without having to worry about the products leaking.

All the products do not have added fragrance, although they still have a slight scent, no doubt coming from the added extracts used in the products. I cannot say that I am loving the scent of the products, but I do like that there is no added synthetic fragrance in the products and as this scent is very gentle and quickly fades once the products have absorbed into the skin, it certainly doesn’t bother me.

What I Like:
  • Products are free from parabens, harsh chemicals, colourants and fragrances
  • The products are suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin types
  • The Face Cleanser and Body Wash gently cleanses my skin without drying it out
  • The Daily Face Cream and Body Moisturiser absorbs instantly into the skin making the skin feel thoroughly moisturised and without leaving behind a greasy residue
  • The Face Cream doesn’t make my skin break out
  • Well priced for 4 large travel sized products

What I Don’t Like:
  • While the products do not contain any fragrance, they still have a slight scent that I am not overly fond of
  • The Face Cream doesn’t contain any SPF

Overall, I really enjoyed using these products from FAB during my holiday stay, and while my skin is not particularly sensitive, I love how gentle they feel on my skin, while still being so efficient. So if you have sensitive skin, or simply are looking for a great travel kit with products to take on your next holiday or to have in your gym bag, then I highly recommend that you try this On-The-Go Essentials Kit from FAB. The products truly are FAB!!
*These products were kindly provided for consideration, and have been reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.

Have you ever heard of First Aid Beauty before? Tried any of their products? Keen to try?



  1. I'm really interested in trying FAB products now, after seeing it on a few blogs.
    I have sensitive skin, but yet some products specifically for "sensitive skin" still break me out, so I wonder how these will work. They sound lovely though.

    1. I really liked these products, and I easily break out, but my skin were ok with these!!

  2. I have heard of this brand before and I am keen to try out some of their products! The mini kit looks like a pack to try out some of them.
    xxx Kat @ Katness

    1. I agree, I really love small packs like this one, as it is a great way of trying several products from a brand to test if you like them before buying full sized products

  3. These products seem interesting!! Great post love :)

    Thanks a lot for your sweet comment on my blog!! I'm following you now on gfc and bloglovin!! Hope you follow me back on both!!

    Have a blessed day! :)

    1. Thanks you Charu, I am already following your blog :-)


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