12 April 2014

Product Review: Travel-friendly skincare packs from GAIA

As I write this I am having a relaxing time in a holiday house on the Mornington Peninsula just a few minutes from the beach. And after having just moved out of our house, with all the stress it brings to pack up a whole house, with a baby on arm, it is nice to sit back and chill, as there simply isn’t a lot to do around here, and with limited access to internet, I thought that I’d take the opportunity to get a few blog posts written up to keep for a rainy day… which is just around the corner, as end of next week we will be moving into the house where we will be staying while our new house is being built.

With all the stress of packing up a house, one thing that was nice, was not having to pack a plethora of different products to maintain the beauty routine, but simply rely on a skincare pack which includes all the products necessary. Here are my thoughts on the *GAIA Skincare Trio and GAIA Made for Men Overnight Pack;

What They Say:
"Keep the GAIA Skincare Trio pack products in your gym or 'carry on' bag & take them where ever you go. This kit comes in a re-usable zip lock "wet pack" & makes a great gift for women of all ages. The bottles can be refilled so you don't have to keep buying smaller sizes to take out with you."

"Take your favourite GAIA Made for Men products in small sizes when you travel and when they are finished simply re-fill from your regular sized tubes."

RRP: GAIA Made for Men Overnight Pack (4x50ml) $17.95, GAIA Skincare Trio (3x50ml)
– Available from Priceline, select Chemists and Health Stores, and GAIA Skin Naturals Online

What I Say:
I have previously reviewed products from GAIA, and I in particularly love the Belly Butter and Belly Oil that I used while I was pregnant, and now the GAIA Natural Baby products that I continue to use on my little boy. I simply love that the products have been made without any of the ingredients known to irritate the skin or suspected of being harmful, so consequently the products do not contain any sulphates, petrochemicals, lanolin, paraben preservatives, propylene glycol, phthalates or artificial fragrances. 

As GAIA puts it “It’s not just the pure, naturel, organic ingredients we put in, it’s what we leave out that makes the difference…!”
And I also love that GAIA is an Australian owned company, and that the products Australian made, without being tested on animals. Gotta love that!

Let me start off with the GAIA Made for Men Overnight Pack. I’m lucky that my hubby cares about his looks, and happy to use moisturiser, facial scrubs etc. – and he has (luckily for me) realised that using products designed specifically for men, are not only more effective for his skin type, they obviously also smell masculine.

Not sure why this pack is called an Overnight Pack, - it contains four products, but each of the products contains 50ml of product, so there is sufficient product for several weeks!

The kit contains a Face & Body Wash, Face Cr̬me, Shave Gel and a Face & Body scrub Рso basically all your hubby needs. And it comes in a handy clear travel bag too.

All the products are very concentrated, and my hubby really likes that the products have a nice refreshing yet masculine scent no doubt due to the included orange, cedarwood and sandalwood.

The female Skincare Trio contains as the name suggests three products, a Pink Grapefruit & Jasmine Foaming Cleanser, a Rose Otto & Lavender Refreshing Toner, and a Lavender & Frankincense Facial Moisturiser.

I have combination skin, and these products are perfect for it. The Foaming Cleanser contains among others chamomile, green tea and gotu kola and it cleanses deep down my pores getting rid of excess sebum and grime, without stripping my skin of essential moisture. The Toner containing calendula, green tea and rose floral water helps tighten the pores and prepare the skin for moisturiser. And I love that it doesn’t contain alcohol to fry out the skin, and comes in a pump bottle so it can also be used as a facial spritzer during the day to freshen up the skin. Finally, the Facial moisturiser, which has been formulated with ginseng, jojoba oil and evening primrose thoroughly moisturises my skin without making it feel greasy or break out. The only thing I could have wished for is for the moisturiser to also contain SPF, but then on the other hand it would mean it wouldn’t be suitable as a night cream.

Like the pack for men, the products in the female pack contain 50ml of product, so there is sufficient product for several weeks!

Overall these are lovely travel packs from GAIA that include the key products needed for a trip away, and I love how efficient these products are while not containing any chemical nasties.so if you are planning a getaway, or you simply want to trial the GAIA products, I highly recommend these skincare kits.
* Products were kindly provided for consideration, and have been reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.

Have you ever tried any of the products from GAIA? Do you use natural skincare products? Is your hubby into skincare? Does he use his own products or does he pinch yours?


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  1. It's so amazing when good skincare comes in travel sizes, so you don't have to de-pot them or settle for others in the right size


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