26 April 2014

Product Review: The Beauty EDIT Beauty Box – April 2014

One of the latest and newest beauty subscription boxes to hit the Australian market is the *Beauty EDIT, and here are my thoughts on the April box;

What They Say:
"Beauty EDIT is yours. A little parcel of beauty surprises to look forward to, experience and enjoy. 

We want to get to know you and match beauty to you. At Beauty EDIT, we’re passionate about discovering the latest in beauty, sharing our knowledge, then editing a selection of products which are suited to your needs. 
Beauty EDIT adds a touch of inspiration to your individual beauty experience. Our personalised approach allows you to “Subscribe, Try and Buy” make up, skincare and hair care products in line with your unique beauty preferences. 

Every two months, we'll deliver a tailored Beauty EDIT parcel straight to your door (plus the occasional extra surprise)."

RRP: $20 per box, or 5 boxes for $100 – Available from Beauty Edit


What I Say:
The Beauty EDIT is a bi-monthly box, which promises that you on each box will receive “five premium beauty samples from a diverse range of brands - high end, boutique, cult, new and also emerging brands varying across a different mix of products across varying beauty categories”. They also promise to “always try to get samples that allow you to properly try and experience each product. However in some instances some brands may only have less generous sizes available. If a sachet size sample is sent it shall always be in addition to your sample issue and would have to be an exceptionally good product. Most of all though the beauty samples you receive from Beauty EDIT shall be edited to match your beauty profile.”

Speaking of Beauty Profile, when you sign up to the Beauty EDIT, you have to log-on to the Beauty Edit website, and answer a selection of questions, regarding your skin type & tone, any skin concerns you may have, make up, hair type & condition and samples you are interested in to allow the Beauty Edit to set out and get beauty samples that are best suited for you. As they say, “Beauty is, above all, personal and at Beauty EDIT we want to make sure we always present samples to you fit your beauty profile.”

Here’s what my beauty profile looks like:  

And these are the goodies that I found in this month’s Beauty EDIT;

Tea Tonic complexon Tea – for beautiful radiant glowing skin – 1 tea bag


I admit that my preferred hot drink is coffee, but I do drink herbal teas to try to limit my intake of caffeine – and not having as glowing skin as I’d like, this does sound very interesting, I do believe in the saying that you are what you eat, so why shouldn’t you be able to get nicer skin by drinking tea. This cleansing tea is organic and caffeine free and contains red clover, nettle, dandelion leaf, calendula and burdock in it. 

Sasy n Savy citrus soufflé body crème – sample, 10ml


I love love love citus scented products, so just the name of this body cream has my interest. And it smells so nice and refreshing, so I cannot wait to put this cream to the test. I’ve never heard of Sasy n Savy before, so I liked when I discovered that it is in fact an Australian brand.

eye majic Beauty instant eye shadow  – three applicators – Full sized pack + one additional applicator


I am one of those who is absolutely hopeless at applying a professional looking eye makeup using three shades, plus these days, with a baby I simply haven’t got the time to play with my makeup like I once had – so these instant eye shadows could be the perfect solution for me. I got a box with two applicators in pearl shades, as well as a loose one in pink/brown shades. These claim that you can achieve the perfect blended eye shadow in just 10 second!! I am not sure of the cost of these, but each applicator is only good for one use, so I could imagine that it would work out to be a little too expensive for frequent use.

GKMBJ shampoo and conditioner - Samples,30g each


It took me forever to work out what these products were, until I finally, on the back of the bottles in the tiniest writing saw that it was shampoo and conditioner. I struggled seeing this wearing my glasses, so I don’t know how I will go in the shower, and how I will pick the right product, seeing both bottles are identical!!

Anyway, I have heard of GKMBJ before, but never had an opportunity to trial their products, so I do look forward to seeing how they perform.

Illume essencia by Hawley Manicure cuticle conditioner – sample, 3.7ml

Apart from frequent use of hand cream, I am so guilty of neglecting my cuticles, they are always so dry looking, so this is coming at a very convenient time, also seeing it now sadly getting colder with autumn setting in, and my nails and cuticles are always taking a turn for the worse, so I cannot wait to put this one to the test.

Monteil Paris Acti-vita Gold ProCGen Softening Lotion – Sample, 10ml


I have never heard of Monteil Paris so that instantly excites me. It is called a lotion, but is really a toner to be used prior to your moisturiser. It contains 24K gold leaf particle, which claims to help make the skin velvety soft  to the touch and give the skin a radiant look while hydrating the skin and restoring its natural balance. Not sure on the price of this, but just the contents of the 24K gold leaf particles, which you can actually see in the liquid, makes this sound a little expensive. Hopefully it will last long enough to get some idea of how it performs.

So there you have it, this is the contents in the April Beauty EDIT box.

Overall I am generally happy with the contents in the box, but I would have liked the inclusion of a card to tell what the products are, their RRPs and where you can purchase them, as without it, it also makes it impossible to comment on the value of the box, and if it justifies the $20 spend. I would of course also have liked more full sized products in the box, but at least there are no useless sachet samples!

However, I did like that the products were very varied, and included both haircare, skincare, makeup and nails, and that they were all from brands that I’d never tried, let along heard of before, and I really like that – that is exactly how beauty subscription boxes should be!
As for the customisation – I did get both a body product and a hand/nail product, even though had not ticked the box of preferring such samples, so needless to say that I would have preferred more skincare or makeup instead – however, in this case, I really love the citrus body lotion and my nails are in dire need of some TLC, so these samples won’t go astray. But I do hope that the Beauty EDIT in the future will be very mindful of only providing products according to personal preferences, as that is something that is currently lacking in Australian beauty subscription boxes, and that would really set the Beauty EDIT apart from the rest!
* Product was kindly provided for consideration, and has been reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.
Have you ever heard of the Beauty EDIT? Tried any of the products in this month’s box? Considering subscribing?



  1. Replies
    1. Yes, it is a great selection of products, and I love the brands are all new to me!

  2. I quite liked the Sasy N Savy citrus souffle cream that came in this box, on the card I received it told me to log back into my account to view product info & buy online (which I'm considering for the body cream) Especially since I got a nice little voucher! Looking forward to reading more reviews from you, I've just found your blog and really like it. Sandy xx

    1. Thanks heaps Sandra for the kind words. I did see that I could see the info on the products - but guess I just liked having all the info readily available in the box.


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