28 April 2014

Product Review: Estée Lauder Sumptuous Infinite Daring Length + Volume Mascara

Today I’d like to share with you my thoughts on the newly launched *Estee Lauder Sumptuous Infinite Daring Length + Volume Mascara;


What They Say:
"The Sumptuous Infinite Daring Length + Volume Mascara. Featuring a multitude of gravity-defying fibers that take lashes far beyond tips, this luxurious and high-performing mascara works to deliver long, lush, limitless lashes for a beautifully defined and instantly alluring eye look."

RRP: $48 (6ml) – Available from Estee Lauder

What I Say:
I have always been a fan of Estee Lauer mascaras, and having a baby, when I haven’t got time to do my full makeup, there is one thing that I still never leave the house without wearing – mascara – so I was very excited when I was asked to trial this new mascara.

The Sumptuous Infinite Daring Length + Volume Mascara promises to “deliver exaggerated volume and impact, this dramatic lengthening mascara and innovative new brush provides lashes with immediate volume and lift. Fabulously visible, with an intense rich color pigment, lashes look long, lush and infinitely daring for up to 10 hours.”

The mascara is made from “a unique blend of innovative, stretchable, rubber-like polymers, and new extra-long, carbon black fibers to instantly coat lashes to perfectly shape, plump and extend each lash from root through tip to towering lengths. As the mascara dries, the fibers are fused onto lashes, setting and locking the fibers in place beyond lash tips for extraordinary reach.”

And this mascara really is nothing short of amazing. It lengthens and separates my short and thin lashes in an instant, while making them look so much thicker too, and all without clumping or making the lashes stick together. And even without using my old trusted Shu Uemura lash curler, it gives my lashes a slight curl.

I have very sensitive eyes that easily water, so to avoid the panda look, I usually wear waterproof mascaras, but this mascara, in spite of not being waterproof really is long wearing too, staying put all day, and it doesn’t flake into my eyes or smudge either – even after my eyes have been watery, or I’ve been out in the rain – yet it easily removes without the need to tear or run with the use of an eye makeup remover.

The plastic brush is easy to use, and the short bristles on the one side helps build up the volume, while the extended comb on the other side helps to lengthen the lashes and fanning them out.


At $48 for just 6ml, this is a little expensive, also considering the mascara is so small, which is the only negative of this mascara. However, with other mascaras I find that I have to add coat upon coat to get the desired look, while I with this Sumptuous Infinite Daring Length + Volume Mascara can achieve it with just two coats – which means this mascara will last a little longer. And, as someone absolutely hopeless with false lashes, I’d also much rather spend a little extra on a mascara that will give my lashes such a nice look.

Yet again, Estee Lauder has managed to impress me, and this mascara is very quickly taking over from my otherwise trusted Double Wear Mascara!

* Product was kindly provided for consideration, and has been reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.

What do you think of this new mascara from Estee Lauder? Do you use Estee Lauder makeup? What’s your favourite mascara? Do you use false lashes?


  1. ooo what a wonderful review! I am desperately in need of new mascara. Might give this a whirl

  2. Omg, I'd love to try out that mascara, it sounds amazing. I've always lover the Estee Lauder ones!
    Have a great week :)!


    1. I'm the same Gita, I have not yet tried an Estee Lauder product I didn't love, and this mascara doesn't fail to impress me either!

  3. Loved the detailed review sweets. Its too pricey. I won't buy it as mascara's don't last that long too. Hardly 3-4 months.

    1. Thanks Belle. I am the opposite, I am happy to splurge on a good mascara, as it makes a huge difference, especially on days I wear no other makeup!


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