4 April 2014

Product Review: Katy Perry Killer Queen Oh So Sheer Eau de Parfum

It has only been a few months since Katy Perry launched the perfume Killer Queen (if you've missed you review, you can see it here), and now she is already launching the second Killer Queen scent. Here are my thoughts on the *Katy Perry Killer Queen Oh So Sheer Eau de Parfum;


What They Say:

"Katy Perry’s second Killer Queen scent captures the essence of the daring signature fragrance, with fresher femininity that is inspired by a modern and ethereal ultra-feminine bouquet. This playful take on the original is perfect for Katy Perry fanatics looking for a lighter, more translucent scent."

RRP: $59 (100ml) – Available from Priceline, Myer, Chemist Warehouse and select pharmacies

What I Say:

I have really enjoyed using the original Killer Queen (if you’ve missed my review, you can see it here), and being a slightly heavy scent, I have mainly been using it when I’ve been going out in the evenings. However, generally preferring lighter scents, I liked the thought of the new Killer Queen Oh So Sheer, as a possible scent to use during the daytime.

The Killer Queen Oh So Sheer, is like the original a fruity floral scent containing plum, but unlike the original it doesn’t contain bergamot, instantly making it much lighter.

The top notes of the fragrance is Purple Plum, Mulberry, Blackberry, Elderberries, while the heart of the fragrance is Rainbow Plumeria, Red Velvet Flower of Purple Freesia and Lilac. Finally the base notes of the fragrance contain Cashmeran, Natural Patchouli Heart & Liquid Praline.

And the fragrance is perfect for a summer’s day. It is light and fruity, and I particularly love the inclusion of the freesia and patchouli notes, which makes it very feminine and fresh.

The Oh So Sheer has a fairly good staying power, although it doesn’t stay as long as the original Killer Queen - which to me is only obvious seeing the notes are so much lighter to begin with. After wearing it for about an hour, it does fade slightly, but still you can still smell it. After about 6 hours, it is quite faint, and I feel I need to use another squirt or two. But in saying that, having a little baby, who has the tendency to ‘kiss’ me on the neck etc., I use very minimal perfume, also avoiding spraying my wrists as usually have been doing, knowing I will be holding him, and not wanting to rub the perfume onto him.

So all in all, a few more squirts, including on the main ‘pulse points’ such as the writs, would naturally make the perfume stay put for linger.


Also, I like to build up the perfume with the use of a shower gel and a body lotion in the same scent, but unfortunately this is not available, but one can only hope that they will at some stage.
The Oh So Sheer perfume bottle is identical in design to the original Killer Queen bottle, which is described as “Inspired by a queen’s scepter, the distinct jewel-shaped bottle in shades of royal red and gold portrays sexy sophistication and lawless luxury. The faceted bottle rests languorously on its side, like a loose, precious gem fit for a Queen. The regality of the bottle is enhanced with a rich gold crown showcasing a custom crest capturing Katy Perry’s playful essence - regal cats, a music clef, hearts and dagger.”

The design of the bottle is unique and glamorous, and the actual lid is gold crest with Katy Perry’s initials KP engraved. Unfortunately, while it is a novel idea and it looks nice having the bottle lie down on one of the faceted sides on your dressing table, I don’t find it very practical as the bottle doesn’t seem very steady to me, and I’d be afraid to knock it over. But as tend to keep my perfumes in their boxes in the wardrobe as I know they will keep for longer if they are kept in a cool dark. And the box is very gorgeous too, again in identical design to the original Killer Queen, with ‘quilted’ design, with small gold crowns on it, only this box is lilac and not red (like the original), also making it easy to distinguish between the two different scents.

What I Like:
  • A nice light fruity scent, perfect for daytime wear
  • The bottle has a glamorous unique design
  • It has a good staying power for a light fragrance, lasting a few hours
  • The price is good for a gorgeous fragrance, in a large 100ml bottle
  • That it is readily available at pharmacies, Priceline and in Myer
  • As with the original Killer Queen, I love the fact that it is also a tribute to Freddie Mercury
What I Don’t Like:
  • The design of the bottle, as I’d be afraid that I’d knock it and it would topple over and break.

Overall, this is a lovely light fruity floral scent, perfect for everyday casual use during summer, whether it is in the office, a lunchtime date or a backyard BBQ.  And at $59.95 I find it very reasonably priced for such a large eau de perfume, so you can afford to use it every day! And although, officially according to the calendar we’re getting towards the end of summer, I will still enjoy using it, to extend summer as long as possible as we head towards autumn..  And if you, like me, prefer fresh and light scents, then I am sure you will enjoy the Killer Queen Oh So Sheer too!

*This product was kindly provided for consideration, and it has been reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.

What do you think of Killer Queen Oh So Sheer? Which types of perfumes do you prefer? Heavy, Light, Fruity, Floral, Musky?  Do you like Katy Perry? And Queen?



  1. I don't care for her perfume (or her music for that matter), but I just love the bottle design and the magical looking purple perfume!

    1. I have to say I like both her music and perfumes - but lucky there's both music and fragrances for everyone!!! But yes, the bottle design and the colour is very gorgeous, and very feminine too!

  2. Can not wait to smell this! I love the original scent! Great review love!


    1. Thanks Kat - it is a lovely scent, well worth checking out!


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