7 April 2014

Product Review: Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Powder Bronzer

Estee Lauder recently launched the Bronze Goddess Summer Collection 2014 is inspired by the sultry shades and exotic scent of the Caribbean – you can read more about this new collection here. Anyway, here are my thoughts on the Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Powder Bronzer; 


What They Say:
"Housed in an elegant tortoise shell compact, Bronze Goddess Powder Bronzer contains a delicate shimmer that reflects light with buildable coverage to subtly warm complexion or provide for dramatic facial contouring. This silky smooth powder, now available in a new and extended line of four shades to complement a broader range of skin intensities and undertones, can be swept onto face, shoulders or d├ęcolletage to enhance skin with a beautiful year-round glow. Available in Light, Medium, Medium Deep and Deep."

RRP: $58 – Available from Estee Lauder

What I Say:
My first impression of this bronzer is that it is huge. The compact is huge, but at least the actual bronzer is huge too, and so is the mirror inside the lid, which makes applying it on the go a breeze. And, the included brush, that sits on top of the bronzer is rather large too, which is a nice change – often the brushes that come with powders and bronzers are so small that I find of very little use, and really only good for applying the powder on the go in emergencies.

However, while the brush in this Bronze Goddess Powder Bronzer is rather large, I do find that the brushes are a little too stiff, and that it doesn’t pick up the bronzer that well – but as I’ve mentioned a few times regarding brushes included with products, I am not too fussed, as I do prefer to use my own brushes anyway. But again, it is great that this one is so large that it does work when you’re on the go. But having said all of that, one thing that I don’t like is that this brush simply lies on top of the bronzer, so in time it will no doubt scratch and dent the bronzer – and for a product from such a premium brand as Estee Lauder, I do find that to be poorly designed.

The Bronzer comes in a brown plastic tortoise shell casing, with Estee Lauder and Bronze Goddess engraved into the lid with gold. It is simple and sleek, but again, it is rather large, so it will take up a bit of room in your handbag. But on the other hand, it is only a good thing that you get so much product for your money, and the compact does close tightly, so there’s no need to worry it will pop open in the handbag.

I got the colour Medium Deep, which is the second darkest colour, to trial. And with my medium neutral skin, I was a little worried that it would be way too dark for my skin – but I was pleasantly surprised when I found that I could use the bronzer without looking like an oompa loompa.

And this is mainly because the bronzer, while the bronzer is quite pigmented, it is so light that it goes on sheer, so just a fine dusting, is sufficient to give your skin a wash of colour and a nice glow, as if the sun as just kissed your cheeks.  And yet, if you want to, you can easily build up the coverage. And still it leaves the skin looking healthy and glowing – yet without being glittery – yep, very rare for a bronzer, but this one from Estee Lauer doesn’t contain any shimmery particles, which is so such a refreshing change, and a welcome one too when you have combination skin like I do, as too much shimmer simply makes my skin look so much greasier, and not to mention, highlights fine line and wrinkles too. And the Bronzer doesn’t make my skin look orange either, which sadly is the case for many bronzers.

The bronzer works perfectly on its own, on top of a BB cream or foundation, for contouring, as a blush, or to add glow to your shoulders and d├ęcolletage if you like – either way, this bronzer is so finely milled and pigmented, that it only takes a little, so with my limited use, I can even begin to imagine that I could use up this huge bronzer before it would be out of date!!

The bronzer has a nice staying power, although I do find that I need to touch up by the afternoon, but I think that is more down to my skin type and also that we’re in the midst of summer, where my skin does tend to become even greasier. But even so, the colour stays true without changing, and the powder doesn’t settle into fine lines either.

What I Like:
  • You get a lot of product for your money
  • Large mirror on the inside of the lid and large included brush makes touch ups on the go easy
  • Gives the skin a nice natural glow, without looking orange or shimmery
  • Very pigmented so you can easily build up colour
  • Has a nice staying power

What I Don’t Like
  • The brush is a little stiff, and sits on top of the powder, which is likely to eventually start denting and scratching the powder

  • The plastic tortoise shell compact, looks nice, yet it doesn’t have an as luxurious to it as say the illuminating powder in its gold compact (see here)

Overall, yet another product from Estee Lauder that hasn’t failed to impress me. I love how this bronzer gives my skin a natural glow, without looking fake, and without making my skin look orange or too shiny. With this bronzer I can look like I’ve just come home a beach holiday all year around. And the bronzer is so huge that I find it is very reasonably priced too. Highly recommended.

*This product was kindly provided for consideration, and it has been reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.

What do you think of this Bronze Goddess Bronzer from Estee Lauder? Do you use any products from Estee Lauder? Which is your go-to bronzer?


  1. I have always loved the Estee Lauder products, but I haven't yet try any of their bronzers. And I totally know what you mean regarding the brush, I found them so hard to use too :)!


    1. This bronzer is really great, and I love that it is not shimmery!!

  2. This looks really cute!

    I wish that companies would skip putting in brushes in the compacts. 99% of them are bad quality and I just end up throwing them out.

    1. I generally rarely apply makeup on the go, so I prefer my own brushes to use at home too - but guess, if you do tend to use it during the day, the included ones are handy! But yes, sadly many of the included ones are of very poor quality!

  3. I love the tortoise packaging but your completely right it doesn't look very luxurious for the price! I think I would throw the brush away I would be so paranoid of it scratching the bronzer! It looks so nice though, I am really loving the new collection! :)

    1. It would definitely have felt more luxe if it was in the gold case, but regardless I still love it, because it is non-shimmery and doesn't make me look orange, which is such a nice change!


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