26 April 2017


I love coffee, and I admit that I drink way too much of it. And I guess it is sadly starting to show on the pearly whites, that perhaps are not so white anymore. So when the newest addition to the White Glo range, the new Deep Stain Remover Activated Charcoal Whitening Toothpaste landed on my doorstep, I could wait to start trialling it.

This toothpaste is an advanced extra strength whitening toothpaste that has been made with highly absorbent activated charcoal, which deoxifies to helps whiten enamel by penetrating and drawing out stubborn stains, discolouration, as well as fighting germs, and bad breath odour.

Having slightly sensitive teeth, this did concern me a little, however the toothpaste has a very low abrasive formula that so it is safe for the enamel and gentle too as it has been developed for daily use.

The actual toothpaste is a clear grey shade, and despite what you might thing, it still has a pleasant fresh minty taste, and it froths up white like any other toothpaste.

The toothpaste also comes with a special black and orange White Glo X-Action toothbrush, which has bristles infused with charcoal and the criss-cross action bristles on the brush has been designed to work more effectively with the micro particles in the toothpaste for a better result. The pack also comes with a small bonus pack of little brushes designed to be used between the gap of the teeth.

I admit to generally preferring an electric toothbrush, but was still excited about using the 'manual' brush along with the toothpaste. I didn't really know what to expect from this budget-friendly toothpaste, but having slightly yellow teeth to start with, I was hoping for an improvement. Yes, my teeth did feel very clean and smooth after each use, but usually using a high quality powerful electrical toothbrush I am used to that feeling. However, after just a uses I started noticing my teeth seemed less yellow and so much brighter, and so far I am also pleased to say that the toothpaste hasn’t made my teeth any more sensitive. So overall I am actually enjoying this toothpaste. I admit to missing my electric toothbrush, so I will likely go back using it along with the toothpaste, and regardless hopeful that continued use with continue to keep my teeth stain-free and whiter.

If you're concerned with your teeth staining and yellowing, then I highly recommend you try this new toothpaste from White Glo - At the low bargain price really have nothing to lose.

White Glo Deep Stain Remover Activated Charcoal Whitening Toothpaste - RRP: $5.99 / 150g
Available from Coles

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