24 April 2017


I think we all have marks, including scars, stretch marks, and uneven skin tone that we are not too fond off - and that's where Bio-Oil comes in, as it is a specialist skincare oil that helps improve the appearance of all of those imperfections, while also being great for dehydrated skin and as an anti-ageing product.

Bio-Oil was launched some 15 years ago, and has since then won countless skincare awards for its scar and stretchmark effectiveness. It is made from a range of plant extracts and vitamins including calendula oil, lavender, lavender, rosemary and chamomile oils, along with vitamins E and A, in an oil base also containing an ingredient called PurCellin Oil™, which makes the oil light and non-greasy, and helps the ingredients being absorbed into the skin.

And it promises to among others;  
  • Improve the appearance of new and old scars
  • Keep the skin supple and moist and reduce the possibility of stretch marks during pregnancy, teenage growth spurts and rapid weight gain
  • Improve the appearance of existing stretch marks
  • Improve the appearance of uneven skin tone
  • Smooth and tone ageing and wrinkled skin on face and body
  • Help supplement the skin's natural oils stripped away

The oil can be used as an intensive moisturiser, soothing after-sun treatment or even as a bath oil.
Personally, after two kids, I am very blessed to not have any stretch marks worth mentioning, but that said, I did also massage Bio-Oil into my belly at least once, if not twice daily, which I am convinced has made a difference. And not having any stretch marks, or any cellulite for that matter either, does mean that I cannot speak of the Bio-Oil's effectiveness there.
However, I can speak of the Bio-Oil as a scar treatment - a few years ago, I also used Bio-Oil as a 'spot' treatment on a surgery scar, and I am convinced that it has helped minimise its appearance to the point that if you didn't know if was there, you'd hardly see it. My husband has also been successfully been using it on a few scars where he has had moles etc cut out, and he also persistently applying it as he too believes that it makes such a difference. Unfortunately I am so unfortunate that mozzies seem to like me, and often I will end up with red marks once the bite has gone down, and I've made it a habit of applying the Bio-Oil afterwards, which again I am convinced helps speed up the healing and reduce future marks. So we always have a bottle handy in the bathroom cabinet, as you just never know when you need it.  
The Bio-Oil comes in several different sizes, but unless you use it as a bath-oil, even the smallest bottle will last you forever as it is so concentrate that you only need to use a tiny bit, so it is also exceptional value.
It has a pleasant subtle scent, but does contain some added fragrance - Personally I don't mind this added fragrance, but it has meant that I've sadly been advised against using it on my 1.5 year old's surgery scar, so it would be fantastic if there was also a non-fragranced version available for those with sensitive skin types as well as kids.
Bio-Oil - RRP: $14.99 /60ml, $24.99 / 125ml, $34.99 / 200ml  
Available from Priceline and select pharmacies
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