16 April 2017


Are you of the vintage that grew up with the likes of Stretch Armstrong the buff and toned ken-like doll first introduced way back in 1976!? The If you are not, well it is a large, gel-filled action figure, and last year it was announced that the doll and all his side kicks toys would yet again be available in their original designs. 

Like Stretch Armstrong, Fetch Armstrong, his dog, can be stretched, and stretched and stretched - pull his legs making them super long, or stretch is body or his tail, in fact, you can stretch him to over 5x his original size - and then when you let go, and he will return to his original size and shape every time. You can even tie knots, and he will still release and return into his normal shape. 

Kids like to pull and yank toys and put them the test, - and no doubt, most other parents are as frustrated as I am at this, but with this Fetch Armstrong, your kid can be allowed to be silly, as this toy is seriously super strong and super stretchy, and it will give hours and hours of endless fun, for young as well as old, as Fetch is stretched into the most ridiculous long shape. 

It is recommended for kids aged 5+, but both my almost 4 year old, as well as his little brother, yet to turn two, are enjoying playing with it.

Stretch Armstrong Fetch Armstrong - RRP: $19.95
Available from most major toy stores

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