28 April 2017


..Spider-man, Spider-man…Does whatever a spider can…Spins a web, any size…Catches thieves, just like flies…Look out! Here comes the Spider-man….!!! 

I am not sure if it is a boy thing, but my two little boys are so into super heroes, including Spider-man and the Marvels. I can understand the older one, who will be turning 4 years old in two months time, but the little one yet to turn 2, would surely be more into the likes of Winnnie the Pooh - but no, he wants to do what big brother does - so when we decorated big brothers room and walls with Spider-man and Marvels Avengers, needless to say that his had to be done too. And thanks to Roommates Wall stickers from Childsmart, you can do pretty anything you like and create any theme your little one likes. 

I will never forget that in our old house, we decorated the nursery with some cute wall decals - and when we sold the house, we wanted to remove the decals and take them with us - but quickly gave up when we discovered that removing them would mean damaging the wall!

The Roommates Wall Stickers are very different - they are of a premium quality and unique in that they have been designed using a special adhesive that grip the wall tightly, but without leaving behind residue or damage once removed. This innovative feature allows Roommates wall stickers to be removed easily and repositioned on any smooth surface, including walls, cabinets and doors, without reducing the quality of the design, or damaging the walls in the process. Now how brilliant is that. 

That means that you can decorate with one character now, and once the kid grows, you can quickly and easily remove and replace with something else the kid may be into at the time.

We placed the Ultimate Spider-Man Peel & Stick Wall Decal above our big boys bed (see first picture). And now he is huge, measuring over 1.3 meters tall and almost 86 centimetres wide, so he makes such a huge impact when you walk into the room.

The huge decal includes a 7-pieces which makes it easier to put together, than managing one large one. And it also comes with 2 smaller Spider-Man graphics, a Spider-Man head-shot, three spiders, and decals with "Ultimate Spider-Man" in 2 different fonts.

Above little brother's cot, we placed the Spider-Man Webhead, which is equally impressive, measuring 66 centimetres tall and almost 80 centimetres wide. This wall decal is made up of large head in the centre, while the web surrounding it, is made from several parts to make applying it so much easier. The pack also comes with several extra parts including smaller Spider-Men, Spiders, and wording such as "Web Head", "Crime Fighter" and "Spider Man". 

We generally mixed and matched the two sets, as we found it best, and also leaving the small spiders off the walls for now, until we know for sure that big black spiders wont be scaring them off.

Finally, around their wardrobe doors, we also applied a pack with some Marvel Avengers. The pack comes with 28 smaller decals, which is a lot, so we did apply the majority onto big brother's, but still made sure to give little brother a few too, so he didn't feel left out. This particular pack includes individual decals of among others Captain America, Iron Man, the Hulk, Thor, Black Widow, and Hawkeye, several 'group decals' as well as their names in writing and symbols too. This is a fantastic pack too, as it will transform a room within minutes

Overall we are so impressed with these wall decals from Roommates, as they are really of premium quality, and we really like that we can easily remove them, and even replace them again and again if we like. Not that that is likely to be required for quite some time, as both boys love their 'new' rooms so much, and won't stop talking about how cool the characters are. 

We can only highly recommend these, regardless of the theme you are after. And there are so many different characters available including Winnie The Pooh, Buzz, Lightyear, Tinkerbell, Cars, pirates, princesses, flowers, you name it! And the best part is that you can apply them as you like as they are individual stickers, and you can add different sets that can be mixed and matched together too, to fit the room and create a customised space. And when you, or your kid don't like anymore, simply remove them again.

Knowing that there are heaps of the other smaller coordinating packs available with both Spider-Man and the Avengers, I have no doubt that we’ll need to add more to our two boys' rooms in the very near future.

Roommates Ultimate Spider-Man Peel & Stick Wall Decal - RRP: $44.95
Roommates Ultimate Spider-Man Web Head Giant Sticker - RRP: $44.95
Roommates Avengers Assemble Peel & Stick Wall Decal - RRP: $24.95

For more information and for stockists, visit Childsmart

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