22 April 2017


It's time for another toy review, so I've yet again called upon my boys, who are almost 2 years old and 4 years old, to assist and test… Today it is all about the newly launched Police Station from Brio. As you may recall, we've previously put several other Brio items to the test from Childsmart (Click on the labels tab for easy access all the reviews!). Anyway, onto the new Brio Police Station.

Nothing has changed since our last Brio feature a few months ago - my boys still love playing Brio, as it always spark their imaginative play. And when there's heroes included, such as firemen or police men, it's even better, so the new Police Station was an instant hit.

Needless to say that the Brio Police Station fits perfectly into any Brio collection. It comes with special tracks so you can add it on to your existing track, and it also comes with a little ramp so the included police car van drive straight into the police station garage.

From there the police men - it comes with one police man and one thief, - can take the elevator directly to the prison cell, which is on the second floor. Then you can lock the grill gate as the elevator door also functions as the prison door, and then leave the prisoner on his bunk bed to think about his bad ways.

The bottom level of the Police Station functions as both garage for the police van, but also as office and desk for the busy police men.

The included police car fits one police man, and it is easy to put him into the van, even for little hands, as the roof lifts up - so even my not even 2 year old can do this! Both boys also love that you can turn on the siren and lights on the police car, that are activated when pushing a button on the top of the truck, - and then speed off to rescue citizens in need and stop the bad guys from pinching things that are not theirs.

Like all other Brio toys, this two storey Police Station has the same stylish and modern design, and it is made from a combination of timber and plastic, and it is sturdy and clearly a quality product, that can survive a few drops on the floor.

This Police Station is intended for kids aged 3+, and our little boy, aged almost 4 years, is having so much fun role-playing with it, and adding it to his existing Brio playsets, and his imagination quickly off, as he chases the bad guy and tries to catch him. He also love the elevator element, which adds just another element of fun.

And in spite of being below the intended age-group, my youngest, yet to turn two, is also having so much fun playing with it. I appreciate that the age bracket has also been put in place due to the smaller parts in the playset, but personally I find that the smallest parts, the little people, are big enough for him to play with without a concern, although he is naturally being monitored.

As with all other Brio toys, this quality is fantastic and it really is amazing for role play and imagination, and keeps my boys entertained time and time again. So if your little one is into heroes and police too, then this is highly recommended.

Brio Police Station 33813 - RRP: $59.95
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