17 April 2017


As a parent, aren't we always looking for fun ways to keep our ids entertained! Well look no further than this years Fun4Kids Festival. Last week, on a gorgeous sunny autumn day, we went to a special preview event as well as announcement for the headline act for the Fun4Kids Festival at the Polly Woodside in Melbourne, where all the kids got dressed up as pirates (try keeping track of where you kids are when they are all dressed the same!!). 

My two boys listening to pirate stories before going on board the ship.

And in case you didn't know, Polly Woodside is a three masted cargo tall ship built n Belfast in 1885, which was used to carry coal and wheat between England and South America. And after travelling 1.5 million miles and circumnavigating the world 17 times, The Polly Woodside is now permanently docked on South Wharf, smack in the centre of Melbourne. I have passed the ship many times and always wanted to go explore, so bonus for me!

Anyway, back to the Fun4Kids Festival. At the launch event the kid were dressed up as pirates, which was naturally very appropriate considering the location, and on board the ship, they got a real taste of what life at sea was like, with some fun activities.

Fun activities on board the ship for all the little pirates.
My two boys to the very right.

And afterwards, there was a special meet and greet with the headline act for the Fun4Kids Festival, who turned out to me none less than TV Host Jimmy Giggle, from the popular kids show, Giggle & Hoot. Along with Jimmy Giggle, there will also be other performers, including rolls, Lah lah's Big Live Band, The Snor's Travelling Circus and many more. 
Meeting Jimmy Giggle. My big boy to the right.

The Fun4Kids Festival is a five-day festival that runs in the winter school holidays from July 5 to 9 2017 in Warrnambool in Victoria. The festival a 2.5 acre indoor village of fun for kids, with nothing but entertainment and activities.

The festival is like a theme park, and once you've paid the entry fee, you're ready to explore. The festival has themed zones, and include interactive workshops, games and activities, as well as a selection of the best children’s entertainment from Australia and around the world. 

My two little boys haven't stopped playing pirates, wearing their gifted costumes since the event

My big boys is a feisty pirate

and the little one tries to charm..

You can purchase tickets for the Fun4Kids Festival for just a day, or perhaps the whole 5 days, as there are different ticket options available.

Fun4Kids Festival
5-9 July2017
Warrnambool, Victoria

You can read more about the Fun4Kids Festival, and purchase tickets here.

* Tickets to the event were kindly provided for consideration, and have reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.

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