13 April 2017


As a beauty addict, I love products that pamper and treat my body, but I admit, that one of those areas that is often neglected is my hands. I don't really know why, as it is not like they are hidden from sight (like your feet often are), but rather they are often out in plain sight, which calls for even more reason for looking after them. And if you like me, are also frequently treating your nails to a manicure, what's the point if your hands are not looked after. But that's where APSU comes in.

Australian-owned luxury bath and body brand APSU is known for offering the ultimate bathing experiences inspired by traditions and experiences from around the world. One of the range is the Japanese inspired Funaya range.

The APSU Funaya Hand Ritual contains a selection of luxurious spa products designed to relax and rejuvenate your hard-working hands, to make them look and feel gorgeous. The range contains among others; Yuzu, Green Tea, and Hinoki Oil.

The APSU Green Tea and Avocado Exfoliating Mask for Hands is a revitalising mask for the hands. It contains among others rice exfoliators to gently buff and polish, as well as green tea, which antioxidant properties help protect the hands against ageing, stress and sun damage, while the avocado butter, shea butter, jojoba and sesame seed oils rich in vitamins and moisturising qualities help deeply nourish the hands and leave them soft, smooth and looking younger and feeling refreshed. It also contains oils from lemongrass and lime, which helps give it such as fresh and uplifting citrus scent that I never can resist.

The mask is to be used by applying a thin layer onto clean, dry hands and then leave it on the skin for 3-15 minutes, and then massage into the skin for a few minutes to gently release and buff away dead skin cells, before rinsing the mask off.

I admit that wearing it for 15 minutes is a little tricky, as you do kind of feel you cannot do anything meanwhile, so I've only been using it for the 3-5 minutes - but even so, the results are incredible. In spite of the rice exfoliators in the mask, it is super gentle, and after each use, my hands are simply left so incredibly soft and smooth, and so worth it, so I am trying hard to keep this treatment up at least on a weekly basis.

Then there's the APSU Funaya Green Tea Massage Candle! Yep, you read that one correctly! It is a hot oil treatment containing among others soy bean oil, shea butter, rice bran oil, olive fruit oil, bees wax, green tea oil, lavender oil, and lemongrass and lime oils. To use it, you burn the candle for approx 5 minutes until a pool of oil forms. You then blow out the candle, test the temperature of the oil to make sure it is not burning, and the pour it over the back of your hands and massage it into the hands, wrists and cuticles, before rinsing it off.

Because this oil is hot, it helps the ingredients absorb into the nails, cuticles and skin, and it is hence the perfect treatment for those with dry skin and brittle nails - and this treatment is not only unlike anything I've ever tried before, an while I do not have brittle nails, I can confirm that from the very first treatment, this leaves the skin on your hands so soft and smoother than I ever remember them being before.

Massage candle comes in a cutest little ceramic jug that you can use when its empty for anything from a decorative item, to a little vase or a creamer - and the actual candle smells so fresh and beautiful no doubt to the added lemongrass and lime oils.

So overall these products from APSU truly are beautiful - they are so very different from anything I've ever tried before, and I cannot believe I'd never heard of the brand before, but after trying these goodies, I am definitely keen on exploring more products from their huge range.

APSU Funaya Green Tea and Avocado Exfoliating Mask - RRP: $29 / 100ml
APSU Funaya Green Tea Massage Candle - RRP: $39 / 50ml
Available from APSU and selected spas around the world

* Products have been kindly provided for consideration, and have reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.

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