10 April 2017


I don't know about you, but I never fail to look after my face, but often neglect the rest of the body - so when these Hand and Foot treatment products from Skin Republic landed on my desk, I couldn't wait to try them..

The Skin Republic Foot Peel is a pack with a pair of treatment booties made to remove dead skin cells and calluses in a week. It contains 15 plant extracts, including ginko biloba, green tea and lavender extract, plus vitamin E to soothe and maintain healthy feet, as well as AHAs, which work to remove and peel dead skin cells to reveal soft, crack-free skin.

It is recommended to wear the fabric booties for 90-120 minutes, although 120 minutes is suggested for best results. After a little while, I did start to feel a little tingling, no doubt from the AHAs sloughing away the dead skin cells, but nothing I couldn’t tolerate. A week or so later, my skin slowly started to feel off, revealing softer and smoother and softer skin. The actual peeling process did take a few days, and I can't deny that my feet didn't look very nice during this period, and I felt that they were looking and feeling very dry too so I did continuously moisturise them to make them feel better, But this also consequently you'd definitely want to hold off with this if you have any planned outings in strappy sandals!

I did really like the result of these, and while it is recommended to use a treatment every 6 weeks, I am not sure that I would do that, at least not during the summer period where I tend to live in sandals. But during winter, when you can 'hide' your feet in socks and shoes, it certainly would be a great time to get your feet back to a healthy state.

Then there's the Skin Republic Foot Repair Treatment, which is also comes with a pair of booties enough for one application. They are to be worn for 20 minutes, and contain among others moisturising ingredients including gingko Biloba, Green Tea, Peppermint, Seaweed and Shea Butter, to penetrate deep into the skin, to help rejuvenate and appearance of the feel and help soothe rough, dry feet and cracked heels, but they also contain some salicylic acid to help shed some of the dead skin cells.

This treatment is naturally not as intense as the peel above, but that said, I do actually prefer it, as there is no down-time as such - and the 20 minutes are easy, as you can do it at night when you sit on the couch anyway. And after use, the skin on my feet is clearly softer and smoother - so in the warmer moths when my feet are also at their driest, and at the same time I want them to look their best in sandals, I can clearly see the benefit of using these regularly. It is recommended to use them twice a week for the first month, and here after as required for optimum results.

Finally, the Skin Republic Hand Repair, which is a pair of anti-ageing treatment gloves for one treatment. The gloves are designed to help soothe, soften and rejuvenate dry, rough hands, and contain ingredients including marine collagen to maintain skin elasticity, rich shea butter to hydrate and heal dry skin, vitamin E to minimise the effects of sun damage, and seven plant extracts to reduce pigmentation and the visible signs of ageing, and some fruit extracts to gently exfoliate the skin at the same time too.

The gloves are to be worn for 20 minutes, which again is certainly doable while you sit on the couch watching telly at night, but naturally come with a few restrictions. 

But once removed, the effort is completely worth it, as your hands are left so incredibly soft and smooth. I didn't really notice any major improvement in pigmentation, and signs of ageing, but I also didn't expect to after just one treatment. But that said even my dried out cuticles benefitted from the treatment, so I am sure that regular use would have your hands looking younger and healthier in no time. 

Skin Republic Foot Peel - RRP: $15.99
Skin Republic Foot Repair Treatment - RRP: $7.99
Skin Republic Hand Repair - RRP: $7.99

Available from Chemist Warehouse and My Chemist nationally and Skin Republic Online

* Products have been kindly provided for consideration, and have reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.

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