15 April 2017


Chance of season, means that the makeup brands often launch new exciting colour collections, and some of these new collections for the autumn and winter 2017 include the Mavala Eclectic Nail Polish Collection and the Mavala Sensation Lipstick Collection, which are available from April 2017. 

Mavala is a Swiss brand that has been around for over 50 years. I always thought the brand was only selling high quality nail polishes, so I was surprised to hear the brand also not only had a lipstick range, but actually a full makeup line too! 

What I really love about the Mavala Nail Polishes is that hey are free from all the chemical nasties including formaldehyde, toluene, camphor, phthalate, parabens, rosin, nickel as we as they do no contain any animal ingredients.

L-R: Basel, Sao Paolo, Barcelona, Singapore, Budapest, Firenze
I also love the small bottles containing 5ml, as I don’t actually recall ever emptying a nail polish, so these small sizes are perfect, and does allow you to select more, as they come at a lower price too.

The polishes come in small little bottles with a octagonal golden caps (like they have since 1962), and they not only look great, but the design of cap also makes it easy to hold.

The Eclectic Nail Polish collection is all about the "unexpected and eccentric, unleashes a passionate quest for beauty, rejecting simplicity while preserving total expressiveness. The six shades reveal a unity of strength and complexity, promoting a feeling of personal confidence. With their exuberant splash of vibrant shades, mixed with warmer and gentler tones, they will accessorise any fashion style of this coming Autumn/Winter season.

The collection contains 6 shades including: 
  • 237 Basel, a warm taupe beige, both timeless and contemporary 
  • 238 Sao Paulo, a grey-blue, sign of both modernity and stability 
  • 239 Barcelona, a vivacious pink, stylish and cutting-edge 
  • 266 Singapore, a bold red, confident and bursting 
  • 268 Budapest, a gentle and light pink beige, both classic and state-of-the-art 
  • 270 Firenze, an earthy russet brown, showing character and eternity 
All the colours are stunning on their own, but I never can resist a good bold red, so the Singapore shade immediately caught my attention, as well as the Sao Paolo with its bluey-grey dusty shade. The Basel is a grey-ish beige shade, and Budapest is a dusty pinky rose shade, both of wish are great nude shades. Barcelona is a purply-tinged pink that adds a pop of pastel to winter, while Firenze is beautiful coffee-chocolate shade. 

The polishes are easy to apply evenly and streak-free thanks to the wide brush, and the small bottle also means a shorter brush, which I personally feel makes it easier to control too. The colours are rich and intense, and while one coat gives a good coverage, like most polishes, it does take two coats for a solid colour.

Thank to two toddlers in nappies and two dogs, I do tend to wash my hands more frequently than most, but I am still impressed with the 5 days wear I get from these polishes without the use of a top coat. These polishes are seriously great, and can you believe it, there are over 100! - yes 100 shades in the Mavala nail polish range, ranging from cream, pearl and sparkly shades, so there sure is something for everyone. 

L-R: Flirting Pink, Gipsy Red, Sweet Lady, Wine Red, 
Party Girl, Brown Cookie

Then there's the Mavala Sensation Lipstick Collection, which like the Electic Nail Polish Collection aims to bring ingenuity, boldness, sublime, and extraordinary to the colder autumn and winter season. 

The collection consists of six shades;

  • 625 Flirting Pink, an outspoken, impertinent pink 
  • 626 Gipsy Red, a passionate, blood red 
  • 627 Sweet Lady, a soft, shy pinky beige 
  • 628 Wine Red, a deep, bold, strong red 
  • 629 Party Girl, an insolent fuchsia for the city night life 
  • 630 Brown Cookie, a delicious, charming brown 
Again, I cannot resist a good bold lip, so for me, standout shades are the dark bold Gipsy Red, the deep and dark red wine shade Wine Red, and the blue-tinged fuchsia pink shade. The Sweet Lady is the perfect nude shade for casual everyday use, while the Flirting Pink is sure to add a pop of colour to your face, and will be just as good come spring. Finally, Brown Cookie, is a dark brownish shade that is equally great if you love a dark bold shade. 

L-R: Flirting Pink, Gipsy Red, Sweet Lady, Wine Red,
Party Girl, Brown Cookie
The lipsticks are treatment lipsticks containing Prolip, which is a mix of among others candelilla wax to add ahine, gliding and a protective film on the lips, shea butter for its repairing, softening, nourishing and soothing properties, aloe vera to protect and regenerate the lips, vitamin E to ad antioxidants and moisture, and UVB filers, and thus the lipsticks help protect the lips again external agressors including wind, sun and pollution.

The lipsticks are so buttery soft and smooth, and are so easy to apply, and a single swipe is enough for a full colour payoff as they are so pigmented. They have a gorgeous satin sheen, and are very long wearing, staying put for 4+ hours, and a little longer for the darker bolder shades, which I think is very impressive for a moisturising lip. And needless to say that they are also incredibly comfortable to wear, almost as if you're wearing a lip balm, which means that I am really impressed with these - and as there more thank 50! - so even if these new autumn/winter shades are not for you, there is certainly sure to be other shades that will hit the mark.

So there you have it, new season launches from Mavala. The new shades are so stunning, but more importantly, the quality and wear of these products is so impressive that while these products were the first I've tried from the brand, I can assure you they wont be the last - I've already got my eye on some of the makeup products too! 

Mavala Lipstic with Prolip - RRP: $27.95 / 4g
Mavala Mini Nail Colour - RRP: $8.50 / 5ml

Available from selected pharmacies and stockists
Or for more information visit Mavala Online

* Products have been kindly provided for consideration, and have reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.

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