13 November 2017


Who doesn’t love online shopping. I know that I do, and now with two toddlers in tow, going to the shopping centre can at times be a nightmare, and I often cannot concentrate on having a proper look - and then online shopping is nothing short of brilliant, so I've found myself doing more and more of it in recent times. One of those stores that I keep going back to, is RY, which is the ultimate shopping destination for any beauty addict as they simply have so many amazing beauty brands, that there is always some thing to look for.
Here are some recent favourites.. 

Lulu & Lipstick Travel Brush Set - this brush set is so gorgeous. The kit contains must-have makeup brushes, including;
  • Powder brush - the largest brush in the collection, perfect for applying pressed powders or bronzers 
  • Angle Brush - this angled brush can be used for contouring and sculpting the cheek bones, having the perfect fit to fit facial contours 
  • Oval Shadow Brush - this brush is great for applying base colour on the eye, and fits well into the eye socket so perfect for blending too thanks to the soft rounded edge 
  • Concealer Brush - this brush is perfect for applying concealer to help cover up blemishes, pigmentation and dark spots, while making the cover-up looking very natural 
  • Lip Brush - this brush is designed with tighter and shorter bristles to make applying a lipstick a breeze, without getting outside of the line 

The brushes have pretty and girly pastel pink handles, with gold feature and white bristles with black tips made from high quality fibres. And they are simply so beautiful and will look incredible in any bathroom or beauty room. And should you go travelling, you can do so in style with the gold makeup bag which safely keeps the brushes in place. 

Lulu & Lipstick Eyelash Curler - Then there's this gorgeous diamante encrusted eye lash curler with purple and rose gold. The eye lash curler is so easy to use, and quickly gives your lashes a nice curl that makes your eyes look bigger and you more awake. And it is so gorgeous to look at too. And what's even better is that you can get this stunner free of charge as a GWP with any Lulu & Lipstick brush purchase, just enter the code, found on the RY website, during checkout.

J Bronze Medium Tanning Mousse - I admit that I am not a huge fan of self-tanners, but not because I don't love a beautiful tan, but because I find applying frustrating but worse that I don't like the smell that often develops along with the tan. This mousse from J Bronze is however somewhat different. The mousse is tinted, which makes applying it easier as you can see where you applied it, and hence giving you a much more even and streak free tan, that is looking very natural in as little as 4 hours, not least because there are a few different varieties available so you can find one suitable for your skin tone. But you can use daily until you achieve the desired look, and hereafter just apply every few days to maintain. I also like that once the tan starts to fade, it does so evenly. But I also love the fact that the mousse has been enriched with ingredients such as green tea, aloe vera and wall nut extracts, to help keep your skin soft, firm and healthy.

EVO Helmut Finishing Spray
- I have mentioned EVO before, and really love their product and the quirkiness about the products, always full of funny text on their products. This Finishing Spray is no exception 'there are times when you look and just know that things should never change. Check one…check two… it is how you want it. No movement is good movement, hold the moment".

And this hair spray really is a strong hold finishing spray that keeps your hair in place, all day long, yet without making it stiff, and all while adding a touch of sine too making it look healthy. And it is easy to brush out again, without leaving behind a residue. It has a lovely fresh not too overpowering scent, and I love the fact that it is free from all the nasties including parabens, sulphates and propylene glycol. 

Eye of Horus Goddess Eye Pencil - I've heard a lot of this brand, but never actually tried any of their products before, so didn't really know what to expect. But I immediately fell for this eye liner. It has a super soft and creamy formula thanks to the added beeswax, carnuba and candelilla wax and moringa oil, making it so easy to apply without dragging or pulling at the sensitive eye area. And with its waterproof formula, it stays put all day, without fading or smudging, even on my sensitive eyes that often water. I tried the shade Emerald Tabular, which is a gorgeous metallic jade green shade. I also love that it has a 'smudger' in the other end of the pencil, making it easy to create a smoky look. This eye pencil has definitely ignited me wanting to try more of their products!

asap Ultimate Hydration with Niacinamide
- I have previously tried a few different products from asap, and common for all, is that the products are nothing but incredible and super efficient, so I was also excited about this moisturiser. It is a very light weight lotion, perfect for those with acne prone skin, just like me. It is quickly and easily absorbed into the skin without any greasiness, and without clogging up the pores. Yet it is very rich and nourishing, thanks to containing ingredients such as evening primrose oil, sweet among oil and shea butter, as well as niacinamide, hyaluronic acid and hydrasalinol to help improve hydration, the formation of collagen, while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles - which also means that I've found it particularly great for use as a night cream. Another winner from asap! 

Youngblood Lip Liner Pencil - I am also very new to Youngblood, having only ever tried a few things before, so also very excited putting a few of their products to the test. This lip liner is a mineral lip liner, cruelty free and free from parabens, which is always great. I admit that I am often skipping lip liners, although I am not sure why, as I love the look when I do use one, as it really completes and enhances the look of the lips and stops any lipstick from feathering too. But I have been enjoying using this one on its own, all over my lips, with just a tad of clear gloss on top. I tried the shade Pout, which is the perfect nude, skin toned shade, that works perfectly with most nude lipsticks. It is soft and smooth, yet very long lasting too.

Youngblood Brow Artiste - finally there's this incredible brow kit, which contains everything you need for groomed brows, including two different shades of pressed brow powder, a lightly tinted wax and a dual-ended tool with brow spoolie in one end and a slanted brush in the other, as well as tweezers.

The kit even comes with instructions on how to use the kit in four simple steps, first tweeze hairs, then brush hairs into shape, and with finger pull gently up at the highest point of the brow. Hereafter, use the slanted brush to shade the colour into the brow, using the lighter shade to outline and the darker to fill in. finally, set the hairs in place with a bit of wax with the spoolie brush.

The kit comes in a super sleek black compact with a magnetic closure, and it has a large mirror inside too. The kit is available in several shades, and I tried the Dark version, which is perfect for my brow colour. And I really love this kit. It is super easy to use, and gives such a natural look that stays put all day without smudging or budging. The quality of this is incredible, and me this really is the ultimate kit, - the only thing I could have wished for, would be a couple of brow stencils, which for me would really have completed the kit, but luckily I already have some, so no big issue. Definitely a must try!

But this is just a tiny example of all the incredible brands available at RY, there are so many more, with new great offers popping up all the time, so definitely worth checking them out.

I also love that you always automatically get free samples with your order, as a little extra - and who doesn't love a sample and the opportunity to try new products!

Lulu & Lipstick Travel Brush Set - RRP: $74.95

Lulu & Lipstick Purple and Rose Gold Eyelash Curler - RRP: $29.95 - but currently free GWP with any brush purchase

J Bronze Medium Tanning Mousse - RRP: $33.20 / 150ml
EVO Helmut Finishing Spray - RRP: $26.95 / 285ml
Eye of Horus Eye Pencil - RRP: $26.95
Asap Ultimate Hydration - RRP: $63.75 / 50ml
Youngblood Brow Artiste - RRP: $57.35 / 3g
Youngblood Lip Liner Pencil - $24.56 / 1.1g

Available from RY

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