12 November 2017


Little kids always want to be and have their parents have, and that includes watches. I know that our two little boys are always very interested in the watches we wear, so when some kids watches from Cactus Watches arrived on my desk for my boys, there was excitement all around..

Cactus Watches is an Australian brand of on-trend high quality and very durable watches for kids. With our older boy now over 4 years old, it has been the right time to help teach him time, so a watch from the Cactus Watches Time Teacher Educational Collection was the perfect choice. These watches have a watch face with To and Past on the dial, colour markings for each half of the hour, as well as a specifically designed outer ring marked with 0 to 30 on the right side, and reverse markings on the left side to help read, ie. '5 past 2, 10 past 3, 10 to 5, etc., to make learning time just that little bit easier, and therefore more fun too. This watch is designed with 4-9 year olds in mind, and is made with a soft silicone band, so it is super light on a little arm, and also easy and comfortable to wear. The watch is also 100m water resistant so it will survive both a shower and a trip in the swimming pool. We tested a black watch with a red ring around the face, with looks super cool, and also would be suitable for both genders. And since getting this watch, our boy has gotten so much more confident in telling the time, and the improvements are significant.

We also put the Cactus Watches Navigator Watch to the test, which is cool for little adventurers. The watch comes with a nylon velcro band, and the outer ring of the watch face is made from steel with compass points. The watch has a luminous dial (that can glow in the dark!), and it is a super sturdy designed for 4-10 year olds, also as velcro strap means that it fits any little arm. The watch is also 100m water resistant, so again it will survive both a shower and a swim. The watch we put to the test has an olive green strap, which is a perfect all-round colour for most outfits.

Both watches comes in the iconic Cactus Globe Box, a plastic globe that is super cool, and also very fitting as seriously, in my opinion, giving your kids a watch at an early age, is a great way to help them be a little more responsible and also more independent. And these watches from Cactus Watches not only look amazing, they are also not your average 'toy watch, on the contrary, they're designed to last!!

Cactus Watches Time Teacher Watch - RRP: $59.95
Cactus Watches Navigator Watch - RRP: $49.95

Available from Cactus Watches and select stockists

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