2 September 2016


Today I'd like to chat a little about leave-in hair treatments. Having very long hair, I am all too used to the dry and split ends, in spite of getting regular hair cuts, and using good haircare products. One of those haircare products I can never be without, is leave-in treatments, as although I always use good conditioners when I wash my hair and also frequently use intensive masks, I feel that my hair needs that little bit of extra moisture that a leave-in treatment can give.

Here I have looked into four different products which come at different price points..

Starting with the cheapest, there's Pantene Pro-V Ultimate 10 BB Crème, which as the name suggests boasts a massive 10 benefits for the hair, including moisturising, smoothing, detangling and defrizzing, protecting the hair from heat damage and against breakage, all while making it . The leaving it soft and manageable. It comes in a convenient pump bottle, and has the consistency like a thick serum, rather than the thicker cream of many leave-ins, and it quickly and easily absorbs into the hair, leaving it soft and without any greasiness. It also leaves behind the usual nice 'Pantene scent' that you're more than likely familiar with too. This is a great budget option, and I love that it multi-tasking product.

Next is the Nfuzion Protein Treatment Spray, which contains Wheat Proteins to smooth out the cuticle and strengthen and rebuild damaged hair and add shine. But that's not all, as it also helps detangle the hair, locking in moisture, protect the hair from the sun's UV rays as well as from damage from heat styling. The Treatment Spray is a very thin liquid that you spray onto either wet or dry hair, but as it does leave the hair wet, I personally prefer to use it in wet hair only and before hair combing it to make it easier to comb out before hair drying it, and once dry, it does leave the hair nice and quite soft, clearly adding moisture to the hair without weighing it down, and frizz seemingly minimised. It has a lovely gentle fruity floral scent that unfortunately does face once the hair is dry.

Then there's the Kevin Murphy Un.Tangled Leave In Conditioner, which is a detangling, strengthening and restorative hair treatment that also protects the hair while heat styling. It contains a complex of nourishing Australian Fruit extracts add and retain moisture in the hair. This is also a wet spray, but it is also recommended to use in wet hair after washing it, and before coming it, to help detangle any knots. It has a rather unique and natural scent, no doubt from the fruit extract, and it is kind of spicy floral, and it is very unlike most other products, which is also why I like it, so I also like that this scent lingers in my hair after it is dry. I could imagine that some wouldn't like this scent, but the results you can't fault as it really does make detangling the hair quick and easy, and it leaves the hair feeling soft and smooth.

Finally there's the Pureology Pure Volume Style Infusion Hair Care, which has been designed for fine to medium-thick hair to give fullness and body to the hair, all while adding moisture and caring for colour-treated hair, protecting the against heat damage, smoothing the hair and controlling frizz for a massive 72-hours. It contains among others wheat protein to build volume, and intra-cyclane to strengthen and body the hair as well as xylose sugar to insulate the cuticle layer to protect against heat damage. It also contains camellia oil which gives it the most beautiful fresh floral scent that lingers in the hair for a while.

It is a little unique in that it contains two different formulas, in a cleverly designed tube, which has an inner tube with one of the formula. To use, you simply squeeze in the middle of the tube to ensure that some of each of the formulas are dispensed, before mixing it in your hand and applying it to damp hair before blow-drying. And after drying your hair, it still smells beautiful, and my hair is left looking and feeling so healthy and shiny, and it is so soft and smooth and without a single frizzy hair in sight.

So there you go, four different leave-in hair treatments at different, with different benefits and at different price points.

Pantene Pro-V Ultimate 10 BB Crème is a 10-in-1 - RRP: $10.95 / 135ml
Nfuzion Protein Treatment Spray - RRP: $18.95 / 250ml
Kevin Murphy Un.Tangled Leave In Conditioner - RRP: $38.95 / 150ml
Pureology Pure Volume Style Infusion Hair Care - RRP: $51.95 / 150ml

* Products have been kindly provided for consideration, and have reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.

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