22 September 2016


 Today I'd like to put focus on a couple of products from Elemis that I've been enjoying lately…

Let's start with the Elemis Maximum Moisture Day Cream. This day cream is loaded with unique desert plants including myrothamnus and tamarind, which are known to for their adaptation to extreme climatic fluctuations while they are also rich in anti-oxidants. It also contains African Baobab tree, saw palmetto berries and black poplar bud, which are all rich in trace elements and vitamins to help keep the skin hydrated and energised.

The cream bears the name ‘maximum moisture’ which initially did concern me, as my combination skin is prone to breakouts, and too rich products often make it congested and break out, but I had no need to worry as the cream has the consistency of a light fluid that absorbs instantly into the skin without any greasiness. And in spite of this light formulation, it is still very moisturising, using the ingredients to adapt to the skin's needs to leave it moisturised, smooth and soft all day long. As it is so light, and non-greasy, it is also perfect to use under makeup during the day. The only negative can be that it comes without SPF, but personally I actually prefer that, as I do have days where I don't venture outside (I know, its bad, but in my defence, I have been trying to protect a sick baby from the cold weather this winter), and when I do go out, I don't mind having to add a SPF on top. The cream has the most divine gentle floral scent that you'll instantly fall in love with.

Then there's the Elemis White Flowers Eye & Lip Make-Up Remover. This bi-phase make-up remover is so efficient that it quickly removes all eye and lip makeup, including otherwise stubborn waterproof mascara and eyeliner, as well as those long-wearing lipsticks, and all without the need to rub at the sensitive eye area. The eye-makeup remover has an ever so subtle scent, but it still so gentle that it doesn’t irritate your eyes, even my very sensitive eyes. It is one of the most efficient eye makeup removers I've ever tried, and I love the fact that it has also been enriched with white peony extract to hydrate and white tea to cool, soothe and refresh and that it also helps condition the lashes.

For the body I am loving the Elemis Japanese Camellia Body Oil Blend. The aromatherapy oil is the ultimate multi-tasking product, suitable for absolutely everything from caring for your nails and cuticles, to taming and adding moisture to hair and scalp and keep your skin soft and moisturised, and not to forget, it may help reduce the appearance of scars and assist in the prevention of stretch marks – and as it is free from chemical nasties and contains no parabens, SLS or SLES, DEA, mineral oil, artificial colours or silicones, it is perfectly suitable for use during pregnancy too, so I did use it as a pampering treatment during my last treatment, and loved it so much that I had to get myself a new bottle when I ran out. The Body Oil has the most gorgeous scent from the camellia, and the lightweight oil absorbs quickly into the skin, leaving it so incredibly soft and with a nice sheen. And as I love the scent so much, I do enjoy using it as a cuticle oil too, so I can smell it on my hands, and when I’m done, I simply smooth any remaining oil over my hair to tame any frizz and give my hair a moisture boost too. It comes in a beautiful red glass bottle that looks stunning in the bathroom, and it has a small spout allowing you to get just the amount of oil without any wastage. Just beautiful!

Elemis Maximum Moisture Day Cream - RRP: $83 / 50ml
Elemis White Flowers Eye & Lip Make-Up Remover - RRP: $49 / 125ml
Elemis Japanese Camellia Body Oil Blend - RRP: $62 / 100ml

Available from Skincare Store, RY and FacialCo

* Some products have been kindly provided for consideration, and have reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.

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