20 September 2016


Today I'd like to chat about a couple of products from the Transformulas that I've been putting to the test, including the Miracle Daily Glycol Priming Cleanser, the Marine Miracle Eye Zone and the EyeLifting Gel. 

Let's start with the Transformulas Miracle Daily Glycol Priming Cleanser. This cleanser is a foaming cleanser containing lactic and glycolic acid to help give the skin a natural exfoliation, to help remove not only makeup, but also dirt and serum to keep the skin soft, smooth and blemish free, but also help stimulate new growth of skin cells by decreasing the bond that holds dead skin cells onto the epidermis. It also contains witch hazel, known for its astringent properties to help tighten the skin and clean the pores, and glycerin to help the skin maintain its water balance, making it soft and supple.

This light-blue cleanser has a gorgeous scent, and is best used morning and evening by massaging a small amount into the damp skin before rinsing it off with water. I have to admit that I don't particularly like using it as a makeup remover, but rather prefer it as a second cleanse, once I've already removed my makeup, to give my skin a deeper and more thorough cleanse.

And after use, my skin is really left silky soft and smooth, yet without any irritation or dryness. With continued use, I am starting to feel that it is helping make my skin look more glowing and youthful. And because it is gently removing dead skin cells and hence unclogging pores, I also feel that it is helping keep my skin clearer and more blemish free.

Next is the Transformulas EyeLifting Gel, which has been designed to soften fine lines, reduce expression lines, diminish under-eye puffiness and add radiance to the eye area - all in all ticking every box for me.

This Eye Gel comes in a long lip gloss-style packaging, and it comes with clear instructions on how to apply it. You simply sweep it under the eye from the nose out towards the corner of the eye, then gently smoothing out any excess gel and holding. You can also use it under the brow bone.

When you apply it, you can immediately feel the cooling effect, and after a few minutes you start to notice that the eye area is getting a little tighter where you have applied the gel, and any puffiness and expression lines are reduced, eyes look more open and lifted, and the eye area consequently looks more less tired and more youthful. I also applied the gel to a frown line between my brows that does bother me a little, and again, I noticed a small reduction in its appearance too. 


Finally, there's the Transformulas Marine Miracle Eye Zone, which is an eye cream that works to regenerate and repair the delicate eye area, as well as encourage firmness, working to reduce dark circles, eye puffiness, wrinkles and fine lines. 

The cream contains a highly concentrated ingredient Aldavine, which contains two unique marine algae giving the cream its anti-ageing benefits. The Eye Cream comes in a futuristic looking silver orb/ball, and it has a light cream/gel texture that absorbs quickly and easily into the skin, leaving it feeling silky soft and smooth. And as there is absolutely no greasy residue, it is also perfect for use under makeup. And after having used it for a few weeks, I am really enjoying using this eye cream, as I started to notice that dark circles and puffiness is improving as well as some fine lines appear to be looking less noticeable, also because my skin around my eye area is clearly very moisturised and hence looking more plump, so overall my eye area looks more refreshed. My only negative about this cream is the scent, it has a gorgeous scent, but I do have very sensitive eyes, and if I have a day where they are very irritated, this scent is sadly enough to make them more irritated and water, so I would prefer if it was less fragranced, or ideally fragrance free.

Overall I have been enjoying putting these Transformulas products to the test, and have particularly fallen for the Miracle Daily Glycol Priming Cleanser that I have also been enjoying using along with my Clairsonic for an even deeper clean.

Transformulas EyeLifting Gel - RRP: $49 / 10ml
Transformulas Marine Miracle Eye Zone - RRP: $49 / 10ml
Transformulas Miracle Daily Glycol Priming Cleanser - RRP: $35 / 100ml

Available from Priceline and Select Pharmacies
* Products have been kindly provided for consideration, and have reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.

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