1 September 2016


Having grown up in Denmark, I was naturally surrounded by a lot of toys made locally, including Danish Lego and Dublo, as well as Swedish made Brio. I have always had fond memories of playing with those toys, and to this day, now that I have two little kids myself, I rate these brands amongst the absolute best toy brands you can buy. So today I am very excited to enlist the help of our 3 year old to put the Brio Airplane Boarding Set from Childsmart to the test..

If you are not aware, Brio has been around for a long time, a very long time as they were founded way back in 1884 in Sweden, and today the family-run business has grown into the global company.

The Brio Airplane Boarding Set includes wooden airplane, where the blue top part of the plane is made from sturdy plastic, and this top part, the hatch opens up to allow passengers and luggage into the plane. Unfortunately this hatch does come off quite easily, but at least it can also easily and quickly be attached again.

It also comes with a pilot, a passenger, a suitcase, as well as a rolling staircase that attaches to the plane wheels with the assistance of magnets.

This Airplane set is intended for kids aged 3+, and our little boy, aged 3 years and 2 months, is having so much fun role-playing with it, playing that he is flying the plane, and mummy is coming along as a passenger, going to visit his grandparents in Europe or going on a holiday. The plane set including the characters also works well the various brio train sets, and as I already know that our little boy will be playing with this for a very long time, and his little brother too, in a year or so - I can also see ourselves looking for additional Brio playsets to add to his existing one, including this Airplane set.

Some would say that this is a tad expensive, however, it really is a beautifully made plane set, with so many details, and everything in such a high quality that you don't fear that it will break or come apart when it is (inevitably) dropped on the floor by clumsy 3 year old little hands.

My little boy is also playing with other Brio toys that are 4 decades old from when my brother and I grew up, with toys still in perfect condition in spite of being so old and having been played with so much, but that is just the sort of quality you get with Brio toys, so if you ask me, it is well worth the spend. Highly recommended!

Brio Airplane Boarding Set 33306 - RRP: $42.95
Available from leading toy retailers and online stores
or visit Childsmart for more information.

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