6 September 2016


Today I enlist the assistance of our little boy again, this time to test out the Lamaze Twist & Turn Hatchlings...  

The Lamaze Twist & Turn Hatchlings is a toddler toy suitable from approx. 6 months, and it features a strong suction cup that means that it can be attached to any surface, from the table, floor, stroller tray or the high chair, for instant fun.

The Lamaze Twist & Turn Hatchlings is like a little spinning carousel featuring four cute different bright coloured hatchlings with different textures, that each spin individually as well as they make rattling noises. The hatchlings also have different coloured shells and soft flappy ears and they are easy for little hands to grab hold of and spin. It also features some smaller rings in between the hatchlings, and a larger ring at the bottom of the toy, which can also be twisted, and makes a clicking noise. 

This all in all helps with making the baby listen out for the rattling and clicking noises to awaken auditory awareness, and also helps make the baby make the connection between sight, touch and sound. The bright and bold colours help stimulate vision, while the moving of the carousel and hatchlings and the smaller rings on the carousel help encourage the baby to grasp and turn the toy, thus helping to refine motor skills. 

I really like that I can attach this toy safely to any surface, and quickly and easily remove it again - and that, as yet, my little boy hasn't quite worked out how to do this yet - which is a nice change from all the other toys which often are thrown off his highchair table within seconds of him getting them. The toy is also very lightweight, so it is perfect to pop in the bag if you're going out to cafe's and restaurants.

Having the toy 'permanently' there helps keep him entertained, if I for instance put him in the highchair if I'm in the kitchen cooking, and cannot chase him around the floor.

And my little boy loves 'fiddling' with the hatchlings, their little ears, and the little rings between the hatchlings, so definitely a toy we'd recommend. And as it is a of high quality, it is also very well priced at just $20.

Lamaze Twist & Turn Hatchlings - RRP: $20
Available from all major toy retailers

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