9 September 2016


Today I'd like to share with you two bath essentials that I've particularly been loving lately, the Himalaya Scrub and the Honey Touch Nourishing Body Cream from Rituals. 

Let's start with the Rituals Himalaya Scrub with Sweet Almond Oil and Indian Rose. This body scrub contains prehistoric Crystal Salts from the Himalayas, which have a purifying and harmonising effect, helping to create inner balance and vitality. In addition it is fragranced with Indian Rose and soothing Sweet Almond Oil and also includes a touch of mint.

The salt scrub is a little coarse, but as soon as you put it on your damp warm skin in the shower, it melts so it has the right consistency so it is not too rough on the skin. But you do have to work fast, or it will completely melt away. It leaves the skin feeling so velvety soft and smooth, and it really does have a revitalising and refreshingly cooling feeling on the skin, no doubt thanks to the added mint.

The Sweet Almond oil helps add some moisture back into the skin, as once you've dried yourself, you skin is already feeling very moisturised and far from dried out, which many other body scrubs do. It also has the most beautiful rose scent that you can only adore, and which also leaves your bathroom smelling incredible too.

Following afterwards with the Rituals Honey Touch Nourishing Body Cream, which contains shea butter, cocoa butter and sunflower seed oil, to deeply moisturise the skin. It also contains Himalayan honey to help soften the skin, and Indian Rose to give it a relaxing effect, and not to forget, Rose Flower Oil to give it a divine rose scent.

This Body Cream has a very light and fluffy almost whipped consistency, which does mean that it absorbs into the skin super fast, without leaving the skin feeling sticky or greasy, yet it is, surprisingly, extremely moisturising at the same time. This Body Cream feels very luxurious on the skin, and leaves it feeling so incredibly soft and smooth, and with that beautiful natural rose scent lingering for a long time afterwards. And actually, if using this following the Himalaya Scrub, this rose scent is only intensified further.

Both the Body Scrub and the Body Cream come in large plastic tubs with a gorgeous simplistic design - and I do particularly love the bright red Body Cream tub, although the brownish scrub tub is also looking gorgeous with its pink and orange writing, making both looking very stylish on the bathroom shelf.

So overall I am really enjoying these products from Rituals, they make shower time such a luxurious joy, and something that I look so forward to. I will be sad when I hit the bottom of these tubs, and can certainly see myself purchasing them again, as well as I'm very keen to explore more from the large Rituals product range..

Rituals Himalaya Scrub with Sweet Almond Oil & Indian Rose - RRP: $39 / 200ml
Rituals Honey Touch Body Cream with Indian Rose and Himalaya Honey - RRP: $34 / 450g
Available from Rituals

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