16 August 2016


I have always taken care of my hands, having hand creams in every single hand bag, in my car, drawers, bedside table, car, you name it, and I've got a hand cream there - but thing is, while I have long been using intense anti-ageing product for my face, more often than not, my hand creams are just 'basic' creams that keep my hands soft and moisturised, without tackling any anti-ageing issues. So when the new Mesoestetic Radiance DNA Hand Cream was launched, I was naturally excited, also because this is a brand that I have really enjoyed lately for their effective and innovative formulas.
The Mesoestetic Radiance DNA Hand Cream has been designed to regenerate, repair and moisturise the hands, while also protecting the skin against aggressors including changes in temperatures (think chilly winter days!), UV rays etc, and helping to delay the appearance of wrinkles, pigmentation and dark spots.
The hand cream contains among others;
  • Chronosmart Peptide, which detects skin needs at all times by synchronizing skin cell biorhythms producing an intelligent 24-hour action. By day, it stimulates the awakening of the skin, promoting its potential for self-protection, while at night, it increases its ability to repair and renew itself
  • SPF 15 to protect against UV damage
  • Shea Butter for its protective, regenerating and repairing action
  • Provitamin B5, which is a soothing agent, helps repair the stratum corneum
  • Vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant that neutralises free radicals 

The hand cream has a nice thick consistency, and does take a few moments to absorb fully into the skin, but once it has, it leaves the skin feeling silky soft and smooth, and I'm not sure if the cream possibly contains some microscopic shimmer particles, but it also leaves my hands with a beautiful healthy sheen. It also has a beautiful soft floral fragrance that I just cannot get enough of, so luckily it does linger for a while, so I can continue to smell my hands when I'm using it.

I am yet to se any major difference in the appearance of lines, wrinkles and pigmentation on my hands, but what has taken years and years to develop, you also shouldn't expect to be corrected within a few weeks. But that said, I do love how it makes my hands so soft and smooth, and they certainly feel thoroughly nourished and moisturised and have that healthy glow, so it is clearly benefiting my hands more than my usual 'basic' hand cream. And I also love that it is an 'intelligent' cream that helps stimulate the skin during the day, and repair it at night.

Sadly it doesn't come cheap, but if you ask me, if you're like me, you probably spend a fortune on skincare for your face, so I believe that it is worth you doing so on your hands as well - although, I also have to openly admit that with two toddlers in nappies I do wash my hands more times than I can count during the day, so sometimes it is washed off after just a few minutes of applying it during the day, so to make the cream last that bit longer, I have started using it predominantly at night only, so the cream can do its magic over night!

Mesoestetic Radiance DNA Hand Cream - RRP: $69.50 / 75ml
Available from Active Skin, Adore Beauty, RY, Skincare Store,

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