25 August 2016


I love it when I across new brands, so today I'm excited to share with you some products from Dr. Roebuck's. The brand was started way back in 1978 when Dr. Roebuck created his original formula PURE to treat the eczema of his newborn twin daughters. These creams were pure, as he understood the importance of excluding unnecessary fillers, colours, scents and chemicals, but only use the absolute necessary ingredients.

Today the twin daughters, Zoe and Kim have taken over, and developed Dr Roebuck's, which is now available around the globe, but still with the same great philosophy, to keep the products free from petrochemicals, sulphates, no TEA/ DEA, Glycols, Silicas, PEGS, and synthetic fragrances and colours. And I love that it is still Australian owned and products made in Sydney.

I have tried one of their bestsellers, the Dr. Roebuck's Polish, the Body & Hand Wash, as well as the newly launched Eye Regeneration Cream. 

Let's start with the Dr. Roebuck's Polish, which is a unique two-in-one formula that combines a face mask with an exfoliant. It is a deep cleansing and purifying, non-abrasive facial scrub and mask gently removes dead skin cells leaving the skin revitalised and beautifully radiant.

It contains among others natural jojoba beads, peppermint and grapefruit to exfoliate and deep cleanse, as well as kaolin clay to draw out impurities, excess sebum and toxins from the skin. It also contains vitamin E to regenerate and create a healthier skin, as well as White Tea extracts and Macadamia Oil to neutralise any nasty free radicals.

To use, you simply apply a generous layer to the face and leave for a few minutes to allow the kaolin to draw out impurities, before you start to massage it into the skin, before rinsing it off with lukewarm water. It doesn't harden up like many clay masks, but it does dry a little, but without leaving the skin with that tight feeling. The Polish has a lovely cooling feeling on the skin thanks to containing peppermint, which also makes it smell divine. And afterwards my skin is so soft and smooth, and without any dryness or irritation, but rather with a lovely radiant glow. The actual scrub has a nice light texture, and just the right amount of grains, gentle, yet still very effective.

Then there's the just launched Dr. Roebuck's Eye Regeneration Cream, which has been designed to prevent premature ageing and rejuvenating vitalise damaged skin around the eye area. The cream contains; 
  • Coconut Oil to deeply moisturise and hydrate to prevent premature ageing and the formation of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Caffeine to reduce dark circles and bags around the eyes
  • Rosehip Seed Oil to regenerate skin to diminish wrinkles while soothing and softening the skin
  • Arnica Montana Flower to aid reducing dark rings around the eye area
  • Vitamin E Oil an antioxidant that works deep in the dermis to repair damaged skin
  • Lecithin to naturally moisturise while allowing active ingredient to penetrate the dermis
  • Sodium PCA, an effective natural amino acid that retains moisture in the skin to enhance skin elasticity
This eye cream is a rather thick and rich cream, and hence it does take a bit to absorb fully into the skin, so unless you've got time to wait, I do suggest using it as a night eye cream only, which is what I've been doing, also because I feel it leaves the skin feeling slightly sticky afterwards. But that said, I really don't mind as it is so concentrated and intensely moisturising, which my eye area is clearly enjoying. After just a few weeks use (again, night only), I do feel that my eye area looks slightly smoother and the skin more plump, and consequently, some fine lines seem to have diminished in size too. The skin also feels very soft, but I am sadly yet to see any major difference in the size and appearance of dark circles and bags under my eyes, but with two small kids, who seem to take turns waking me several times throughout the night, and I am consequently slightly sleep-deprived, the cream is also fighting an almost impossible battle at the moment. But apart from that, I am really enjoying this cream, and the effects from using it.

In the jar it looks like the cream has some tiny grains throughout it, but interestingly, it hasn't got a grainy fee at all. It has a slightly odd scent, but knowing that it doesn't contain unnecessary added fragrance, I really don't mind at all.

Both the Polish and the Eye Cream comes in gorgeous orangy-red see-through plastic jars with silver writing, which are unique and just stunning.

Finally, the Dr. Roebuck's Hand & Body Wash, which has been made specifically for sensitive skin, free from petrochemicals, sulfates and parabens. It has been infused with neroli petitgrain from France as well as thyme and basil to soothe and calm irritated sensitive skin, as well as they have a soothing effect on the nervous system and assist in relieving anxiety and tension.

This soap is extremely gentle, and leaves the skin clean without drying it out, and has a beautiful natural herbal scent that you can only love.

It comes in an old-school brown plastic bottle with a convenient pump, which I personally really like, so I have to admit that I have predominantly used it as a hand wash in our powder room, as I simply find the bottle too nice to stash away in our ensuite shower for nobody to see.

I've really enjoyed using both products, the Polish has quickly become a favourite, that I can see myself purchasing again and again, and the Eye Cream is really perfect as a more intensive night eye cream. And finally, I really like the Body & Hand Wash for its gentle properties and clean natural herbal scent, so I can see that one becoming a regular hand wash in our house too.

If you are serious about skincare without all the chemical nasties, then I can highly recommend that you check out the Dr. Roebuck's range.

Dr. Roebuck's Polish - RRP: $39.95 / 50ml
Dr. Roebuck's Eye Regeneration Cream - RRP: $39.95 / 15ml
Dr. Roebuck's Body & Handwash - RRP: $18.95 / 250ml

Available from Dr. Roebuck's, SkincareStore, as well as select outlets worldwide!

* Products have been kindly provided for consideration, and have reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.

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