7 August 2016


Washing my long thick hair takes a lot of time. Not just washing it, but drying it afterwards is actually what takes the longest - time I sometimes haven't got with two little toddlers running around between my legs. So I rely on a good dry shampoo, and lately I've been loving the new Waterless Clean & Full Dry Shampoo from Matrix Biolage. 

This dry shampoo however, promises to go beyond simply just cleaning the hair, it also gives the hair benefits allowing it to retail its natural oils and colour. And it also helps give my thick limp hair some much needed volume.

Unlike many other dry shampoos, which often leaves my hair looking matte, and actually sometimes more dirty than I started out, or in some cases make my hair look grey, neither is the case with this Waterless Clean & Full Dry Shampoo from Matrix Biolage. It makes my hair look shiny and healthy, while absorbing that extra grease around especially the hairline and the roots. And it has the most refreshing scent thanks to containing mint leaf, which is such a natural and gorgeous scent, - and a refreshing change from often artificial and overly floral scented dry shampoo.

Also worth mentioning is that just a few squirts are needed, so the can will last you quite a while. Not the cheapest dry shampoo that I've used, but by far one of the most superior ones I've come across. Highly recommended. 

RRP: $30.95 / 96g
Available from Hairhouse Warehouse

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