24 August 2016


Having two little blonde and very fair boys, both with sensitive and skin border-lining dry, caring for their skin is important to me. So when I was asked to try some of the QV Kids skincare products, I happily accepted.

The QV Kids Wash is a soap-free cleanser, that helps gently cleanse even the most dry and sensitive skim, without irritating it or drying it out any further by removing natural protective oils on the skin. The soap contains among others glycerin to moisturise the skin and a combination of gentle surfactants to cleanse the skin. I love that it also contains vitamin A and E to care for the skin, and especially our 3 year old loves that these come as blue microbeads, as it is a new level of fun when getting washed. I also find that the Wash is perfect to use as a bubble bath, as it froths up to a nice soft foam the boys love in the bath, although it can naturally also be used as a body wash in the shower, or even by the skin as a hand wash.

Then there's the QV Kids Balm which is an extremely emollient so it is perfect for kids (or adults) with extremely dry skin. The Balm contains no water, which is known to cause stinging when applied to inflamed skin, but rather it contains liquid paraffin and petroleum jelly to make it a gentle, yet every moisturising and soothing balm suitable also for those with sensitive skin, or even eczema. Because of its consistency, and the ingredients used, it does mean that it is a little greasy, and takes a while to absorb fully into the skin, but if you have extremely dry skin, it is well worth it. And I can here also say that especially my winter-dry nails and cuticles are also enjoying a little treatment as I am massaging this into our little boys dry skin. A little goes a very long way, so the tube will last you forever.

Finally, there's the QV Kids Cream, which is a thick and very concentrated cream, also suitable for very dry skin, including also those with sensitive, and itchy skin, as well as eczema. It also contains vitamin A and E to care for the skin, in the form of the tiny blue micro beads, which magically disappear on the skin, which our 3 year old finds hilarious (which does mean that I have to put it out of his reach, or he would otherwise help himself until the tube was empty ;-)

The cream does take a little while to absorb, but no where near as long as the Balm, and when it has, it leaves the skin soft and smooth and without any greasiness or stickiness. And I like that it keeps the skin soft and moisturised, and I don't have to keep moisturising my boys skin, with other moisturisers I've used on them, I've had to reapply, at least twice a day, sometimes more on their faces, but when using this, that is simply not necessary.

I also love that these products are free from both colours and fragrances, which means they do not have any scent, as I really don't find that necessary for kids products.

Overall, I am really enjoy using these QV Kids products on my boys skin, in particularly the Wash and the Cream, and can see myself purchasing them again and again. And as a bonus, they look rather cute in the kids bathroom with the adorable green octopus on the bottles, which my boys also like!

QV Kids Wash - RRP: $9.20 / 200ml, $15.30 / 375ml
QV Kids Balm - RRP: $8.15 / 100g, $25.45 / 450g
QV Kids Cream - RRP: $8.99 / 100g

Available from Priceline and Pharmacies

* Products have been kindly provided for consideration, and have reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.


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