10 August 2016


Our two little boys have always been great in the car, but we have also always made sure they have toys to keep them entertained on long drives.

Standard toys often get chucked out of the capsule within minutes of leaving home, and when you're driving, there's very little you can do. So we've always relied on the Lamaze Clip on toys as you can easily attach them, to anything from the car seat, high chair or the pram, to ensure they don't go anywhere, so we've already got several of these toys in the collection, including the Firefly, Dog and Octopus, and now also the Dino.

Daisy the Dino is a very cute dinosaur that has cute little horns and a ruff around her head, and like all the other Clip on toys from Lamaze, she is made from a variety of fabric to stimulate baby's senses.

She also features ribbed teething ring, and a leaf shaped teether, as well as she has crinkle feet and chimes when shake her. She also squeaks when you push her green nose. My little boy also quickly discovered the ribbon feelers on top of Daisy's head, and he can spend forever fiddling with them.

These toys are recommended for babies from they are born, although I probably find that they are more relevant when baby is 3 months and onwards.

Daisy the Dino, and any of the other Clip On toys from Lamaze for that matter really are a must-have to keep baby entertained when you're on the go, and considering the quality and multiple features they are fantastic value too.

Lamaze Daisy Dino - RRP: $15
Available from all major toy retailers including Myer, Target and Toys r Us

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