17 August 2016


I admit it, that with two little toddlers, I rarely have the time I like to myself to pamper myself, so I've come to love quick fix and multi tasking products. One of the things that I unfortunately often neglect is doing face masks, simply because I rarely have the 15-30minutes to sit back and relax, so the newly launched Lancome Energie de Vie Nuit Overnight Recovery Sleeping Mask is the perfect solution.

This Lancome Energie de Vie Nuit Overnight Recovery Sleeping Mask has been developed with the 25 to 35 year olds in mind, so yes, I do fall outside of this age bracket, but that doesn't mean it doesn't fit my lifestyle. And when I say lifestyle, its because Lancome has acknowledged that this age group is often overwhelmed, subject to stress, fatigue and the effects of this has a clear effect on the skin in the form of drawn facial features, dark circles, bags and puffiness under the eyes, and dull complexion with a lack of radiance. And I can certainly tick all of those boxes.

The range, which also contains a Smoothing & Plumping Lotion, Smoothing & Glowing Liquid Care, contains Liquid Care™, an antioxidant that gives the skin an energising shot of hydration for a more nourished, smoother and plumper, fresher and re-energised skin that is glowing with health.

The Overnight Recovery Sleeping Mask has a further feature, when it is applied to the skin, it drops the skin temperature by -1.8 °C, instantly making this feel refreshing and invigorating on the skin. The light gel-light cream also contains an 85% aqueous phase rich in active ingredients, tat immediately breaks into water droplets to infuse the skin with moisture, helping to reinforce the skin’s natural barrier and maintain its optimal moisture levels.

The Overnight Recovery Sleeping Mask can be applied either as a normal mask, leaving it on the skin for 10+ minutes before tissuing off any excess. Alternatively, you can use it as a night cream, applying a thin layer to the skin after cleansing it. 

Now I have combination skin, and generally don't feel that my skin lacks moisture, but I have been pleasantly surprised at the difference this Overnight Recovery Sleeping Mask has on my skins appearance. When I use it, I simply wake up to a skin that is softer and smoother and clearly looks more well rested, brighter and glowing.  My skin is so glowing that it looks like I've just come home from that morning jog, I always dream of finding the time and energy for.

Because of the light gel formula, I don't feel that it is 'drowning' my skin, or making it feel congested or greasy, but I do feel that using it just a few times a week is sufficient for my skin, while those with drier skin types may benefit from using it nightly. Because it makes the skin so glowing and radiant, I can also recommend using it prior to special events.

My only comment is to apply it lightly for night time use, as you would a moisturiser, or it will end up leaving your pillow a tad greasy. The mask comes in a beautiful heavy duty green glass jar with a silver lid, and the cream itself has a gorgeous fresh floral scent. So overall I really enjoy using this mask, and I love that I can use it as a 'normal' facemask as well as a sleeping mask. 

Lancome Energie de Vie Nuit Overnight Recovery Sleeping Mask - RRP: $80 / 75ml

Available from 21st August 2016 from Lancome counters in Myer, David Jones, Select Pharmacies, Active Skin and Adore Beauty

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