5 August 2016


Today I'm excited to share a new fragrance launch with you, Vera Wang's latest fragrance, Princess Revolution Eau de Toilette;
This new Princess Revolution which hits the Aussie shelves next week, is described as "the perfect balance of rock and romance", and it is designed for girls who are rebellious, edgy and confident: “She likes punk music and she's a bit avant-garde, and her only rule is to never follow any rules." 
The fragrance has the following notes;  
  • Top notes- Black cherry, blood orange and watermelon sorbet
  • Middle notes – Lily of the valley, red apple blossom, and jasmine
  • Base notes – Atlas cedarwood and amberwood
This is a very floral fruity scent thanks to the watermelon sorbet which is very dominant, also making light and fresh, and perfect for spring and summer. The apple blossom and jasmine makes it more balanced adding a floral and feminine touch, while the cedar and amberwood helps avoid it being overly sweet.
Always preferring fruity and fresh scents, this Princess Revolution is right up my alley. And because it is so fresh and light, it also means that it doesn't quite stay put all day, but still I can continue to smell it up to 6 hours after putting it on, and hereafter it slowly fades, so I do feel that a touch up is required by mid-afternoon - but that said, that is also pretty standard for most eau de toilettes, so you really cannot fault that. 
I do find that this fresh fruity scent will be better suited for warmer days to come, but it is sure to become one of the scents that I will reach for again and again come spring and summer.
The Vera Wang Princess Revolution comes in the most beautiful 3D heart-shaped crimson red bottle, which has been decorated with a graffiti print featuring among others hearts, stars, lips, and crowns. The lid of the bottle features a crown shaped cap with black gems, as well as a lose ring, also featuring black gems, - I'm not sure if this is intended, but as it is lose, you can actually wear it as a cool ring on your finger. All in all this is an absolutely stunning, feminine and romantic bottle and it would look gorgeous on any dresser.
My only negative about this fragrance is that the actual lid, the crown, is rather lose, so if you keep your fragrances in their boxes, like I do, if you attempt to lift the fragrance out of the box by the lid, you may actually risk dropping it when it lid just comes of, which I almost did, but luckily nothing happened.
This is, believe it or not, actually my first Vera Wang fragrance, and I am really enjoying this scent, and if you too like fresh, fruity and floral scent, then be sure to check out this Princess Revolution from Vera Wang when it becomes available on the 10th August 2016
Vera Wang Princess Revolution - RRP: $49 / 50ml 
Available from Priceline, Department stores and select pharmacies and other retailers. Contact 1800 812 663 for full stockist details.
* Products have been kindly provided for consideration, and have reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.


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