5 May 2016


Having always struggled with skin breakuots, and have (and still am) going through a period of extremely stress, has made my skin recently go bonkers again, so when Mesoestetic’s new Pure Renewing Face Mask landed on my doorstep I was naturally excited. This mask is an exfoliating and purifying facial mask specifically designed for blemish-prone and seborrhoeic skin.

The masked has been designed for weekly use and includes a unique m.acne complex™ that provides both chemical and mechanical exfoliation to keep the skin soft and smooth, by clearing it of dead skin cells and impurities, while it also helps to stimulate the cellular renewal thanks to the contents of bexaretinyl complex. It also has added kaolin that absorbs excess sebum to prevent a build up of oil. 
The m.acne complex has been formulated to target different factors that trigger acne, including among others: 
  • Reduce the levels of hormones involved in the androgen process related to acne-prone skin
  • Unblock clogged pores
  • Slow down the production of sebum
  • Inhibit the growth of acne-causing bacteria
  • Reduce and post-inflammatory redness and pigmentation
The mask is hence best used on acne-prone skin, tending to be combination or oily, and as such I probably would not recommend using it on drier skin, as it may be too drying.
It is recommended using the mask weekly, applying a generous layer on the skin, avoiding the sensitive eye area. It then needs to be left on the skin for approx. 10 minutes to work its magic, before you then massage it gently into the skin to allow the tiny micro particles to slug away any dead skin cells and impurities. Hereafter you rinse it off, and apply your moisturisers as per usual.
And immediately after use I can see how clear and refined my skin looks, soft and smooth, and pores appearing smaller in size, yet without drying out my skin, or making it read or irritated.
I have used the mask a few times now as part of my Sunday pampering routine, and can clearly see and feel that frequent use is having a positive effect on my skin, as it also seems less greasy and consequently my makeup stays put for longer too without sliding off my face. But I also seem to be getting less breakouts too, and those that I do get seem to be smaller and clear up faster too. I absolutely love this mask as I feel it is making such a difference to my skin, that I can definitely see myself repurchasing this.
Mesoestetic Pure Renewing Face Mask - RRP: $78 / 100ml
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