11 May 2016


Moschino is known for different and fun fashion collections, and now they have also launched a very different kind fragrance - Moschino Toy Eau de Toilette. 

This Moschino toy comes in a very unusual bottle, which is actually a teddy bear wearing a T-shirt with the words "THIS IS NOT A MOSCHINO TOY". Once you take off the little teddy bear's head, a perfume bottle and its diffuser is revealed inside. When it arrived at my door step my little 3 year old boy found it difficult to understand why this was in fact not a new teddy for him or his little brother!

The actual scent is intended to be a unisex scent - although I don't personally know of too many guys buying teddy bears for themselves! - but regardless, the notes are put together to appeal to both genders.
They include: 
  • Top notes; bergamot, mandarin, juniper berries and cardamom
  • Heart notes; violet, aromatic tones of lavender and hawthorn petals
  • Base notes; cedar, sandalwood, vanilla and musk
I am not a huge fan of cedar, sandalwood and musk, which personally I find are more masculine notes, and I prefer lighter and fresher scents, so luckily this scent also has a light citrusy and floral feel thanks to the mandarin, violet and lavender lingering in the background, although I would have liked these to be slightly stronger.   

The Eau de Toilette lasts fairly well, 5-6 hours, before it starts becoming very faint, which is quite reasonable for an eau de toilette.

Overall, I don't think that this will become my favourite perfume, but that's just due to the musky notes, and for that reason, I think this one has been passed onto my husband, who didn't complain one bit, but said he rather liked it, as its very fresh!! Goes to show that everyone as a different opinion, and what one person think is heavy, another one doesn't. And of course also keeping in mind that scents do develop differently on different people's skin.

Anyway, if this was presented in a 'stock standard' bottle, I doubt that I'd purchase it for myself, but at the same I have to admit that the teddy bear packaging does have its charm and uniqueness, and certainly very different to anything else that I have in my collection, and for that reason I have no doubt that it will become a collectors item.

Moschino Toy Eau De Toilette - RRP: $69.99 / 50ml
Available from Chemist Warehouse and My Beauty Spot

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