16 May 2016


Coffee scrubs are all the rave at the moment, but for some reason I never got around to trying one, so when a parcel with the C-Lab & Co Coffee Scrub landed unexpectedly at my doorstep I was naturally intrigued. As a coffee lover, I naturally absolutely love the scent of this scrub, as it simply smells like a cup of freshly made coffee, so I just couldn't wait to dig into it and give it a try!

The C-Lab & Co Coffee Scrub is made from 100 % natural ingredients, with the main one being 'just cracked' roasted and ground coffee beans and citrus and almond oils as well as sea salt. It comes in a dark plastic jar, and the actual scrub is like those damp coffee grounds you'll find in the filter of your coffee dripper. It is best used on slightly damp skin, and you then scrub in circular motions, focusing especially on any problem areas. Once done, you leave the scrub on the skin for about 5 minutes, to let the goodness from the oil absorb into the skin.

The jar with the coffee scrub comes packed inside a brown paper bag, and inside you'll also find a huge handful of whole coffee beans, so simply opening this bag and you'll get this divine coffee scent, just like opening a fresh pack of coffee! The only thing is that I really don't know what to do with these beans, as I don't think they'd be good to use in my coffee machine, so it is a little bit of a waste really, yet still a very nice touch.

The coffee scrub is packed densely into the tub and as the actual scrub has a very fine texture, it is very gentle on the skin without being too scratchy, yet exfoliating enough to leave the skin feeling incredibly soft and smooth after all dead skin cells have been gently buffed away. And without my skin feeling dried out, and in actual fact, my skin is left feeling very moisturised thanks to the natural oils in the scrub.

Once out of the shower and my skin is dry, I also notice that the scrub has left a lovely scent on my skin, which luckily enough doesn't smell like you've just soaked in a tub-full of coffee! It is simply a very pleasant and subtle scent with that fresh citrus lingering in the background. So lovely. And my bathroom is left smelling like a coffee shop, which isn't a bad thing, especially when you need that little bit of a kick-start in the mornings!

On the negative, the all the coffee grounds, which unlike salt and sugar scrubs, don't dissolve, do leave a bit of a mess in the shower!

The C-Lab & Co Coffee Scrub does make the claim of helping to reduce cellulite and stretch marks, but I am yet to see that happen, but guess you'd need to use the scrub more frequently and over a longer period of time for that to happen!

Regardless, this is a really gorgeous scrub. As a coffee lover I really adore the scent, and the scrub is making my skin so silky soft and smooth while also having a moisturising effect - so I now understand what all the hype is all about. I'll definitely purchase this one again! 

C-Lab & Co Coffee Scrub - RRP: $24.99 / 330g
Available from Priceline

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