9 May 2016


Quite some time ago some products from Natura Siberica was sent to me, but at the time I was at the hospital with our little baby, so I simply didn't get around to posting about these beautiful products, until now..

The Natura Siberica range is based on wild harvested herbs and natural ingredients exclusively sourced from Siberia. These products contain pure, natural and organic Siberian flowers and herbs for their antioxidant value and protective properties. The range is certified as organic and all products are free from parabens, SLS, SLES, PEGs, glycols and mineral Oils.

The Natural Nourishing Cream Soap is a creamy soap that is very gentle, yet thoroughly cleanses and nourishes the skin while maintaining its natural balance without drying it out. It contains a blend of wild Siberian herbs and pure Siberian oils as well as wild harvested snow cladonia and milfoil extracts, Siberian ginseng, organic evening primula oil and organic sage extracts to deeply nourish skin, replenish moisture levels and leave skin hydrated, conditioned and soft and smooth.

The Soap comes in a huge 500ml bottle, in a gorgeous dark purple/aubergine bottle with a gold pump and a creamy label with a beautiful purple floral design - and as I really like the bottle, I decided that it was a shame to hide it away in the shower, and hence have been using it as a hand soap, out on full display in our powder room.
The soap has a gorgeous floral scent that is suitable for the whole family without being too feminine or over-fragranced. And it does in fact leave the hands clean and soft and feeling very smooth and hydrated too, and with that beautiful scent lingering.

The Natura Siberica Oblepikha Mask Deep Repair, is a hair mask designed to repair the structure of damaged hair while protecting it from heat exposure during hot styling. The hair mask contains among others altai sea-buckthorn (Siberian Berry) which is extremely high in beta-carotene and full of omega and fatty acids to preserve the health of the hair. It also contains Moroccan argan oil produce keratin to seals the hair surface with a protective layer, nourishing the hair and giving it shine and strength. IT also contains pine nut and macadamia oil to help retain moisture deep in the hair structure.

I have been using this hair mask with another shampoo first, and while it is always easier and products often seem to work better when used together, I am still loving this hair mask. The creamy mask absorbs right into the hair, and as soon as rinsed out after approx. 5 minutes you can feel that your hair is so soft and smooth, and looking shiny and healthy too.

And the hair mask has the most beautiful fruity scent, which reminds me a little of mangoes, but no doubt comes from the Siberican berries.

And while I do admit to preferring hair treatments that come in a tube as opposed to a tub, because I find it difficult to avoid getting water into the tub in the shower (supposed I could turn the water off, but shower time is one of the few moments I've got to myself so I enjoy it to the max) - and well, the tub with the peach coloured hair mask and its turquoise lid and label with yellow and red flowers is rather cute.

Overall these products are really lovely, and come at very reasonable prices too, so I could easily see myself purchasing them again, and actually wouldn't mind also putting some of their body and hand creams to the test too as I can only imagine how lovely they'd be!

Natura Siberica Natural Nourishing Cream Soap - RRP: $12.99 / 500ml
Natura Siberica Oblepikha Mask Deep Repair - RRP: $24.99 /300ml

Available from Natura Siberica Online and Select Pharmacies

* Some products may have been kindly provided for consideration, and have reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.

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