8 May 2016


Last year while I was at the hospital with our little sick baby, I received a beautiful box full of bright and colourful Revo lip balms. Unfortunately as our little boy was so sick, I simply, in spite of the best of intentions, my mind was simply elsewhere so I just didn't get around to writing about these lip balms - but believe me, they were well received and were put to the test immediately thanks to the very drying environment in the hospital!  

The Revo lip balms are enriched with conditioning oils, moisturising aloe and antioxidant E to nourish the lips and provide long-lasting moisture.

There are seven different colours and flavours in the range;

  • Coconut (white) – unfortunately I've just never liked the scent of coconut, so this one will be passed onto a friend!
  • Melon Mint (yellow) – this one is probably my favourite, it smells divine, and I love the slight tingling feeling it leaves on the lips too
  • Tangerine (orange) – as a fan of anything citrus scented, I also love this one!
  • Strawberry (pink) – Always love strawberry, so can't go past this one either
  • Cherry (red) – this one is a little stronger scented thank I personally like
  • Watermelon (green) – this one is so fresh and lovely, and very summery
  • Blue Raspberry (blue) – this one has a slight bubblegum scent, and again slightly stronger, and a bit too artificial for my liking. 

And they all feel quite lovely and moisturising on the lips, although slightly greasy, so I only find them suitable for use on their own, and not so much under a lipstick, but that suits me fine.

The Revo lip balms come in the cutest little round spheres with twist-off tops, which close securely, so no need to worry that they will pop open. Inside you'll find a slightly pointed top that makes it easy to apply to the lips. The actual lip balms themselves are also slightly tinted, however still goes on clear on the lips.

I love the bright colours, which makes them easy to find in an over-filled handbag, although the shape does make them too bulky for the pocket of your pants or smaller handbags.

Overall, there are some great flavours in the range, and they all smell and taste delicious so I do find it difficult to pick just one favourite, although there are a few hits and misses, but then again that's just personal preference as there is something for everyone!

Revo Lip Balms - RRP: $4.99 each
Available from Chemcorp International

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