2 May 2016


With a toddler and a baby, these days I don't go anywhere without the pram in tow - and without bringing half the house with me either. Between spare clothes for both boys, (and myself), nappies, wipes etc, the nappy bag is quickly over-flowing and the small storage compartment underneath the pram quickly too full too. But thanks to Dreambaby® there are some options to make your life easier..

The Dreambaby® Clip Buddy is a convenient velcro strap with a hook that you can quickly and easily the pram, or the shopping trolley if you like, so you no longer have to carry countless of shopping bags or handbags. And when not in use, it is so lightweight that you can just pop it in your handbag, or do as I do, attach it to the compartment underneath pram so you're never without it when you need it. I wish that I'd come across it earlier, and especially as it is a measly $5.95, it is simply a must have item!!

Another must-have are the Dreambaby® Strollerbuddy Stroller Clips. We all know that strong sun is not ideal for little ones, plus there are simply times that covering them up is the only way to get them to sleep in the pram when you're out and about. Until now I've been using standard clothes pegs to attach a lightweight cloth over the pram - and mostly this has been unsuccessful. Countless pegs broken, or they simply fly off. Not with these specifically designed Stroller Clips. They are large (yet still lightweight so won't weigh a thing when in your handbag), that they easily secure the blanket on the pram so it doesn't fall off. Of course you ALWAYS need to ensure that there is always plenty of ventilation for the baby when blankets are clipped onto the pram.
Yet again, why on earth did I not know about these a few years ago when our first boy was born. The clips can also be used to secure some of those things babies often throw out of the pram, such as hats and toys.

The clips come in packs of four so you've got enough clips for full coverage, and they come in white, black as well as some bright colours such as blue, pink, grey, as well as packs with mix colours orange and green, blue and green, purple and orange, and purple, blue, orange and green.

Finally, the Dreambaby® Stroller Hooks is a pack with one larger hook and one small hook. These hooks are more sturdy than the Clip Buddy, and allow you to attach larger and heavier things such as handbags and shopping to the pram etc (although being careful they are not too heavy so the pram tips over). Again they are quick and easy to attach and remove again - and when not in use, I personally just attach it to a strap in the carry-basket underneath the pram so I've always got it at hand when I need it. 

Dreambaby® Clip Buddy - RRP: $5.95
Dreambaby® Strollerbuddy Stroller Clips - RRP: $12.95 f/ pack of four clips

Dreambaby® Stroller Hooks - RRP: $8.95 / large hook only, or $10.95 / one large and one small hook.

Dreambaby® is available from most Baby Goods Retailers.

for more information visit Dreambaby Online or the Dreambaby Facebook page

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