10 May 2016


During the 4.5 months I was at the Royal Children's Hospital with our little baby, I received a beautiful care parcel from Be genki, and having previously tried their products (see my post here!), and really enjoyed using them, it really put a smile to my face.

The beautiful people at Be genki had heard of tough time we were going through, and purposely selected some products to help ease the stress. "Genki" is the Japanese word for being happy, healthy, positive and in complete harmony within your body, and that is exactly what Be genki is set out to do with their products, with their simple philosophy that we can all enjoy holistic health and be happy inside and out by making conscious choices that reflect on your health and well being. And hence the products are made using ingredients to help not only nurture the skin, but all help alleviate any signs of day-to-day stresses for a more harmonious.

They among others sent me some tea, including Tranquil and Serene. These are loose organic teas are best made in a tea infuser with freshly boiled water (that has cooled for a few moments to avoid damaging the tea), and infusing for 5-10 minutes to ensure all the beneficial properties are infused into the water.

The Be genki Tranquil tea is made with among others Chamomile, Passionflower, Lemon Balm, Devils Claw, Valerian, Green Oats, Celery Seeds, Marjoram, Horsetail, Meadowsweet, Lavender and White Willow Bark, and is designed to help you get a tranquil and good nights sleep, also helping with insomnia, easing nervous tension, headaches and anxiety.

The Be genki Serene tea on the other hand is made with Chamomillia, Passion Flower, Alfalfa, Lemongrass, Green Oats, Echinacea, Rose Hips, Scullcap, Plaintain, Siberian Ginseng, Liquorice and Ginger, and is designed to help with mental issues emotional conflicts supporting the central nervous system, adrenal fatigue, anxiety and depression.

Common for both is that the actual tea leaves are very concentrated son I've only been using about half a teaspoon full to make a small teapot-full, which makes about mugs of tea.

It is obviously very difficult to say if these actually have the intended effect, but one thing is certain, these herbal blends taste lovely and instantly feel very soothing. And you can tell that they are made from quality ingredients, so regardless of the effects, teas definitely rate amongst some of the best teas that I've ever had, and they certainly helped make a very long and stressful hospital stay that little bit better.

Next are the Be genki Oil Blends. They come in cute little bottles and can be used in either an oil burner or in a warm bath, - or in case you haven't got a bath (or like me, rarely has the time to take a bath!), you can also put a couple of drops in the corner of your shower floor, and let the steam from your warm shower infuse with the organic essential oils. Previously I've mainly been using essential oils in a burner, but I have to say that I've been thoroughly enjoying using them in the shower too for a very relaxing spa-like experience. That said, I still use these in an oil burner too, as it helps keep my house smelling beautiful and not of my two dogs!!

Unfortunately, I was unable to use these while at the hospital, - my little baby, was extremely sick, and his age, along with his intense treatment made him very sensitive to everything, and because of infection risks, he was in a special vacuum sealed room, not allowed any visitors apart from myself and my husband, and of course the nursing staff and doctors. His little brother wasn't even allowed to visit, sadly. So I thought that I'd best not use any strong scented products, including the oils, out of fear of causing any irritations. But it was then nice to finally come home and have them waiting..

The Be genki Serene Oil Blend contains oils from organic ingredients including Palmarosa, Geranium, Patchouli, Neroli, and Rose Otto. And especially thanks to the Neroli, this blend helps ease the state of anxiety and depression, while the other oils in the blend, helps relax, calm and uplift.

The Be genki Sensual Oil Blend contains organic oils from Ylang Ylang, Geranium, Vanilla, Jasmine, and Rose Otto and is an aphrodisial blend with sensual properties, evoking confidence and releasing inhibitions.

Finally, the Be genki Tranquil Blend is made from organic oils from Lavender, Sweet Orange, Roman Chamomile, and Sandalwood, and is intended to have a calming and relaxing effect on the nerves and hence help treat insomnia.

Again it is difficult to pick a favourite as they all smell incredible and each of the blend contain some of my favourite notes, and I hence enjoy them all. That said, I do love the Serene blend, but that's probably due to the neroli and patchouli notes, as well as the Tranquil blend, probably due to the sweet orange (I can never resist products containing citrus fruits!)

Finally, the Be genki Tranquil Candle is a large glass, and the soy and coconut wax candle burns for more then 40 hours, filling your home with the most gorgeous scent from the organic lavender and sweet orange, for a calming and sleep-inducing scent, which is absolutely beautiful, and lasts for hours and hours, even after the candle has been blown out.

All in all I am really enjoying all of these Be genki products, as you can tell they've been made with the best of ingredients, and thought has been put into them as well. Even my husband has been commenting on how nice they smell, something he rarely will say, unless he really means it! The products come in gorgeous bottles and jars with simplistic, yet stunning labels, and again, I love that care has been taken not to use superfluous plastic or packaging, and the fact that the products are Australian owned and made is just the icing on the cake! 

Be genki Serene Herbal Tea - RRP: $20 / 40g
Be genki Tranquil Herbal Tea - RRP: $20 / 40g
Be genki Serene Oil Blend - RRP: $38 /10ml
Be genki Sensual Oil Blend - RRP: $42 / 10ml
Be genki Tranquil Oil Blend - RRP: $34 / 10ml
Be genki Tranquil Candle - RRP: $40

Available from Be genki and benaturallyyou

* Some products may have been kindly provided for consideration, and have reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.

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