29 August 2013

Industry News: essence launches trend edition “me & my ice cream”

I think most of us have fallen for the products from the brand essence, which continuously brings out special trend editions of products of high quality at amazingly low prices. And now essence has done it again, launching the trend edition "me & my ice cream" consisting of thirteen amazingly cute looking products, right in time for spring and summer..

"I scream: ice cream! essence invites you to make a quick stop at an ice cream cart in October and November 2013 with the trend edition "me & my ice cream". Soft sorbet shades like beige, vanilla, apricot, pink, lavender and mint as well as awesome products in a cool retro look will melt your heart. Look forward to eye shadows in soft nuances with a marbled texture, three lip balms with a colour twirl, a creamy blush, shimmer pearls with perfectly aligned shades and nail polishes in gorgeous pastel tones. The highlights of this trend edition are the nail topping stickers that conjure-up a lovely 3D effect on your nails. And in case your hands get a little sticky while you enjoy your ice cream, you can simply use the practical hand wipes to clean them up again! Gelati, gelati with essence!"
essence me & my ice cream – baked eye shadow - RRP $4.95
Icy eyes! The long lasting, baked eye shadows in soft caramel, apricot and mint have a creamy texture and a cool marble effect to conjure-up a summery eye make-up style with a light shimmer. Available in 01 cone head, 02 icylicious and 03 always in my mint.

essence me & my ice cream – lip balm - RRP $3.50
Let’s twist! These unique lip balms are available in three different colour combinations: lavender-vanilla, apricot-beige and pink-mint. The colours blend perfectly upon application and look really cute, too! They pamper your lips with shea butter and jojoba oil as well as leaving behind a delicious fragrance. Available in 01 ice, ice baby, 02 icylicious and 03 ben & cherries.

essence me & my ice cream – cream blush - RRP $4.95
Cream dream! This blush with a creamy formula and innovative curvature feels creamy and powdery at the same time. The intensive apricot shade offers a naturally beautiful, fresh complexion. Head out into the sunshine – with a portion of your favourite ice cream! Available in 01 ice bomb.

essence me & my ice cream – shimmer pearls - RRP $5.75
Shimmering scoops of ice cream… the softly shimmering pearls with a light colour dispersion are perfectly aligned with the pastel shades of this trend edition. They give your face and neckline a subtle glow and can even cover-up fine imperfections as well as slight redness thanks to the different nuances. Available in 01 i-cy u.

essence me & my ice cream – nail polish - RRP $2.95.

Strawberry, sweet woodruff, blueberry or apricot? The long-lasting nail polishes in gorgeous pastel shades like pink, mint, lavender and apricot are sure to put you in the mood for ice cream – and summery nails, of course! Available in 01 ben & cherries, 02 always in my mint, 03 ice, ice baby und 04 icylicious.

essence me & my ice cream – nail topping sticker - RRP $3.50
Rainbow sprinkle toppings! These innovative, self-adhesive stickers create a unique and surprising 3d effect on your nails. The sweet design with a pearl-like look is the ultimate nail style highlight – and not just for ice cream fans! Available in 01 rainbow sprinkles.

essence me & my ice cream – hand wipes - RRP $2.25

Ice cream cone to go? To make sure that your hands are fresh and clean after you enjoy your treat, the me & my ice cream hand wipes come in a practical, re-sealable packaging that’s sure to fit into any purse. And they have a delicious strawberry ice cream fragrance, too! Available in 01 i scream ice cream.


The essence "me & my ice cream" will be available exclusively in Priceline stores in October 2013.

I am particularly loving the Shimmer Pearls, don’t they look gorgeous, and such a cute retro packaging too! And the Cream Blush sounds pretty amazing too.. Oh, and how cute are those pastel nail polishes..

What you think of this limited edition trend edition from Essence? What catches your eye? Will you be lining up at your Priceline in October to get your hands on these products?



  1. This is a really great range! And perfect for our spring time. I wish that there were more clearer pictures of the products available though. I can't wait to see the cream blushes and nail stickers.

    1. It does look like a great range, and at such great prices too! I agree, some more detailed photos would be nice.

  2. Ahhhh I love Essence launches! I think I will be picking up that blush!

    1. I'm pretty keen on the blush too - and the shimmer pearls!!

  3. Looks like a great collection, I don't think I can get this brand in the UK :( x


    1. I do believe it is an European brand, so maybe you can find it online if its not available in the UK!

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. I have heard good things about of etude house, but never tried their products.

  5. I'm so excited for the pastel nail polishes :) also I might have to pick up the shimmering pearls because the price is so great.

    1. I think we'll have to be quick as I'm sure these products will sell out quickly!!


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