7 August 2013

Product Review and NOTD - ORLY Harmonious Mess and Atomic Splash

A little while ago ORLY launched the MASH UP! and Flash Glam Winter Collections of nail polishes for winter. Unlike the usual winter collections where bright colours are stored away, and the dark, sombre and dull colours come out, the MASH UP! Collection is a collection of bright shades, while the Flash Glam Winter Collection helps take any manicure from drab to fab! Here are my thoughts on the colours *ORLY Harmonious Mess and Atomic Splash;

What They Say:
"All ORLY colours are 4 free – free from DBP, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin and Tolulene. Each ORLY nail lacquer bottle delivers a vibrant, chip resistant formula while the brush glides smoothly on nails without clumping or streaking for maximum impact and colour density."

RRP: $18.95 – Available from ORLY Online and select pharmacies and beauty salons

What I Say:
The MASH UP! collection includes six daring shades, here I am trialling Harmonious Mess. The Flash Glam Winter Collection contains six eye catching glittery shades, and here I am trialling the Atomic Splash.

As I have previously mentioned, I really love ORLY nail polishes, and the fact that they are ‘4-free’, and that they are so easy to apply (even for someone like me who is not the biggest wiz at applying nail polish), without streaking, and that they dry so fast too, as I am also a little impatient when it comes to it to dry!

The lid/handle of the nail polish is rubber finish so it not only sits nicely in the hand while you paint your nails, it also stops it from sliding, and the brush is nice and wide so just a few strokes is enough to cover the nail with polish.

The Harmonious Mess is described as a Lavender Crème colour, and it truly is a lovely pale lavender shade. Very suitable for spring, but just as lovely to brighten up a typical dark Melbournian winter wardrobe!!
And in spite of this colour being so pale, it really does apply nicely and without streaks – unlike many other brands where you have to apply layer upon layer of the pale colours, and yet you can still not get an even look. In this picture I am wearing just two coats!

The Atomic Splash is a Gunmetal Glitter, which comes in a clear polish. This means that it can be used on its own – Orly recommends layering three to four coats until the nail is completely covered and finish off with a topcoat to make the glitter particles shine even more!
I am yet to try the Atomic Splash on its own, but have here tried adding just one coat on top of the Harmonious Mess, which completely change the look of the manicure. You of course can add several coats if you prefer more glitter, but I found it sufficient with just the one coat.

Normally I get approx. 4 days wear from an ORLY nail polish when I wear a top coat, but that is also considering that I do wash my hands a lot during the day having two dogs living inside, and now also having a newborn, and well, I still spend some time on the computer keyboard which is not exactly a manicure’s best friend either. However, with two coats of Harmonious Mess, one coat of Atomic Splash coat, and finished off with a topcoat, I did find that I got almost 6 days wear from the nail polish.  

Overall I like these two polishes. Normally I would keep such pale colours as Harmonious Mess to spring time, but I am surprised at how much I have enjoyed seeing this springtime colour on my fingers on a very cold and wet Melbourne day – while I have been daydreaming of warmer weather soon to come.

As for the glittery Atomic Splash, normally I am quite conservative and don’t like too much glitter, but again, I have to say that it has been a nice change from a ‘plain’ polish, and I like that this glitter can be added on top of any colour according to preference. I will definitely play around with adding it on top of other colours, already have plans for other combinations, so stay tuned..
* Products were kindly provided for consideration, and have been reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.


What about you, what do you think of these colours from ORLY? And what do you think of the lavender with the silver glitter on top? What do you think of wearing pastel colours during winter? And do you like glittery nail polishes?



  1. We love glittery polishes! Even though they can be a pain to get off. We've been really into putting silver or gold glitter over a bright summer color lately. Enjoyed ur post! We're new followers! :)

    1. Thanks so much! I think I'll be exploring glittery polishes a little more too as we head towards spring here!!
      And thanks for following my blog, I'll make sure check yours out too!

  2. Very, very pretty! Love the combination of colours too x

    1. Thank you! The lavender colour will be great to wear in spring and summer too!

  3. Love this effect! I also used Orly with a fun blue color to do a NOTD look you might like :)



    1. The combination with the blue colours sounds great too!!

  4. The Harmonious Messis beautiful! I'd wear it all the time)

    1. Yes, it is very gorgeous, isn't it. And I love the name too!!


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