28 August 2013

Product Review: Eleven Australia 3 Minute Repair Rinse Out Treatment

While I was pregnant everyone told me to enjoy that my hair seemed to thrive with me being pregnant, and that as soon as I’d given birth and my hormone levels would change again, my hair would take a turn for the worse, I would start to loose hair and it would get dry and dull. My little boy is now 9 weeks old, and while I have started to drop a few hairs, it is still not so bad that I worry. But my hair is a little dry, and suddenly having less time to pamper myself, I was excited when I was asked to trial the *Eleven Australia 3 Minute Repair Rinse Out Treatment, so here are my thoughts;

What They Say:
"A protein & moisture blend to strengthen & nourish dry, damaged hair. Directions: Massage into clean, damp hair. Leave for 3 minutes and rinse out".

RRP: $24.95 (200ml) – Available from Eleven Australia Online

What I Say:

I have recently reviewed the Eleven Give Me Clean Hair Dry ShampooMake Me Shine Spray Gloss and Miracle Treatment and the and I am still enjoying using these products, I was excited to be 3 Minute Repair Rinse Out Treatment as well – and especially the fact that it takes just three minutes. Just what a busy new mum needs!!
After washing my hair I apply the Rinse Out Treatment, and in spite of being so thick and creamy, it instantly absorbs into my hair (maybe a sign that my hair is very dry and seriously need a haircut!!). Leaving it in for just three minutes, gives me just enough time to use a body scrub in the shower, before I need to rinse out the treatment. Perfect! And the treatment rinses out quickly and easily, and without leaving the hair feeling greasy.

Combing it afterwards is very quick and easy, and I seem to have a lot less knots than I usually do. With a newborn, I mostly leave my hair to dry naturally, - and when it is finally dry several hours later, it is left so soft, shiny and healthy looking and the frizz really has reduced. And while the ends are still in need a serious trim, they do feel more nourished and are looking healthier too. And that is after leaving the treatment in for just three minutes, the results feels like the treatment has been left in my hair for much longer.

The Eleven Australia 3 Minute Repair Rinse Out Treatment contains among others shea butter and an anti-static ingredient, and while I can feel the nourishing and moisturising effect of the shea butter, my hair is not normally static, I have no way of saying if this ingredient is actually working.

The Rinse Out Treatment comes in a white tub with a screw lid and turquoise writing – a simply yet very modern and stylish packaging in line with the rest of Eleven Australia’s products. While the tub is easy to use, I do find it a little clumsy in the shower – first of all, as the shelf in my shower is always packed full of products, I can never find anywhere to put the lid, and secondly, as I dig my hands into the tub to get the treatment, I cannot avoid also getting water into the tub, and hence diluting the treatment. I would much prefer it if came in a tube as it would just be so much easier to use.
I’ve been using the Rinse Out Treatment weekly for several weeks, and in spite of it containing silicones and parabens I have not noticed that my hair is being weighed down – on the contrary, my hair is clearly relishing this weekly treatment – and again, had it not been so effective in just 3 minutes, I would certainly not have been using it that frequently.

The Rinse Out Treatment has a lovely sweet fruity scent, and while it is sweet, it quite subtle and far from over the top – and once rinsed out and the hair has dried, this scent more or less completely disappears.

At just $24.95 for a 200ml tube this is such great value for a salon quality product, and as it is so thick and concentrated, there is enough for months’ worth of weekly treatments – in spite of my very long and thick hair, I still have well over half a tub left!

What I Like:
  • So effective in just 3 minutes
  • Easy to rinse out, and makes my hair so easy to comb, and looking so healthy afterwards.
  • Has a lovely fruity scent
  • A great price for a salon quality product
  • The simple, yet modern packaging

What I don’t Like:
  • That it comes in a tub, I would find it so much easier to use if it was in a tube
  • That it contains parabens and silicones, as I always prefer products free of these ingredients where possible.

Overall, I am loving using this Rinse Out Treatment, and the fact that I can give my hair such an intensive treatment in such a short time, so I would not hesitate buying this again. Another great product from Eleven Australia!
*This product was kindly provided for consideration, and it has been reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.

Have you ever tried any of the products from Eleven Australia? Do you use hair treatments? Which one would you recommend?

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