15 August 2013

Product Review: Urban Rituelle Beachcomber Soothing Body Balm in Island Citrus

I always moisturise my body when I’ve showered, not because I have particularly dry skin, but because I prefer my skin being moisturised and soft. And I love scented creams. I don’t use them every day, so when I do it feels more special and luxurious. Here are my thoughts on the Urban Rituelle Beachcomber Soothing Body Balm in Island Citrus;


What They Say
"Urban Rituelle Beachcomber Soothing Body Balm in Island Citrus has a rich soothing formula featuring nourishing extracts of cucumber and chamomile that will leave skin soft, supple and smooth. Cocoa butter and shea butter provide intense moisture while defending skin against environmental stresses of sun, sea and sand. Avocado and jojoba oils hydrate, while antioxidant-rich vitamins A, C and E renew and restore dry skin. The refreshing fragrance bursts with crisp notes of orange, lime and grapefruit, layered with bergamot and rose."

RRP: $21.95 (200ml) – Available from Urban Rituelle

What I Say:

This is the first time trying a product from Urban Rituelle, and I was happy to discover that Urban Rituelle is Australian owned and the bath & body care products are made in Sydney, Australia.

Soothing Body Balm comes in a box with tropical design, and inside there is a 200ml tube, also with a cute tropical design that looks gorgeous on the bathroom shelf. I love that it can stand on the lid, so that you can use every last drop of the product.

The body lotion has a lovely summery citrus scent, which I absolutely love - citrus scented products have always been my absolute favourites. And I love that the body balm leaves my skin nicely scented, without being too empowering, for quite some time after it has been absorbed into the skin. The scent is quite subtle and wont clash with your perfume, but still I do prefer to use it on the days that I am not wearing perfume.

The body balm absorbs quickly into the skin leaving it soft and moisturied, and I love the fact that this gorgeous smelling body lotion is jam-packed of vitamins and anti-oxidants. I find that it is so rare that a scented body lotion is sufficiently moisturising, - usually I end up having to use my normal un-scented moisturiser first, followed by the scented one, but not with the Urban Rituelle – my skin is left so soft and thoroughly moisturised!!! And did I mention that I love the citrus scent?!

Overall, this is a lovely scented body balm, it feels luxurious to use, has the most divine scent, and comes at a great price too. If you’re like me and love citrus scented products, then I highly recommend that you try it, you won’t regret it. I will definitely be purchasing it again, and look into other products from Urban Rituelle!

Have you ever tried any of the products from Urban Rituelle? Do you use scented body lotions? Which scent is your favourite?



  1. best time to try out. Never tried it before. I actually dislike scented lotion.thanks for the share

    1. It is such a beautiful scent, but lucky there are other brands available offering unscented products that you can use in stead!

  2. I loooove Urban Rituelle! One of my fave brands, their Mango Milk scent is great...I have the exfoliator, body butter and perfume since I'm so in love with it and I love layering them for a super long-lasting smell.

    1. I haven't tried the mango milk, but it sounds divine - citrus is my favourite, but I can never go past mango either!


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