19 August 2013

Product Review: NEW Clarins Total Cleansing Oil

Having always had a skin prone to breakouts, I know the importance of making sure that I always remove my makeup completely, so finding the right cleanser has always been a quest for me. Lately cleansing oils have been launched by numerous brands, and here are my thoughts on the  yet to be launched *Clarins Total Cleansing Oil;

What They Say:

"Introducing the first cleanser from Clarins to effectively eliminate all resistant micro-residues linked to the use of new generation cosmetic products: Long hold make-up, high performance UV screens and residue of pollution. A cocooning formula rich in essential fatty acids, it reinforces the hydrolipidic film, to provide skin with comfort, softness and resistance."

RRP: $38 (150ml) – Available 26 August 2013 from Clarins Counters.

What I Say:
Having combination skin I’ve always thought that using cleansing oils would be a bit counterproductive making my skin even greasier, but it turns out that oil is such an effective way of cutting through the dirt and grease.

The Clarins Total Cleansing Oil contains certified organic perilla and olive oil and claims to eliminate even the toughest of makeup and sunscreens, while being gentle and caring for the skin. , the formula is perfectly distributed over the skin coating all resistant micro-residues on application, even those lodged in pores.

The instructions say to pump 2-3 pumps of oil and apply it to the face and neck, and then massage in delicately with circular motions to lift off make-up and impurities. Add just a few drops of water to emulsify it into a creamy lotion and rinse off.

Using two pumps are more than enough to cover my face, actually 1 ½ pump is enough! And after massaging the oil into my skin for about a minute before emulsifying with water and then massaging again for a minute or so I rinse it off. And I find that it has completely removed all my makeup, including long-wearing foundation (which is usually very stubborn), and my waterproof mascara. My skin is left without a trace of makeup (wiping with cotton ball soaked with toner afterwards proves this!). And my face is left feeling so soft and hydrated thanks to the olive oil and perilla oil which are both rich in essential fatty acids preserving the skin’s natural oils, yet it does not leave behind any oily residue either.  

I am not sure if it is ideal to be using the Cleansing Oil to remove eye makeup, but regardless I did so, and in spite of having very sensitive eyes that easily get irritated and water, the cleanser did not irritate my eyes at all, - so to me it really proved how gentle this cleanser really is.

The cleanser has a very slight but natural scent, and comes in a round see-through bottle with a pump, which has a removable plastic clamp, to stop you accidentally pushing the pump and wasting the oil. I don’t put the clamp back on, but it is a great addition, so you can take the oil with you when you go on holidays and not risk it spilling all over the other items in your toilet bag.
My one negative of this cleansing oil is the ingredients used. Clarins does make out to be a brand using natural ingredients, yet there is sadly also mineral oil used in this cleanser, and it would be nice if this had been replaced by a natural oil as well. Mineral oil is used in a lot of skin care and has been claimed for being comedogenic, but after using the cleansing oil for a few weeks, I have not noticed any increase in breakouts whatsoever.

All in all, at $38 for 150ml it is not cheap, but as you use so little each time, it truly is going to last you a long time. And I am really impressed that this Cleansing Oil can remove all my makeup so quickly and easily, without the need to rub or tear at my eye area, and without the need to double-cleanse (which I must admit that I would usually do anyway, using a specific treatment cleanser) – it is so much easier than using a normal gel cleanser, and it still allows me to splash water in my face afterwards, which I really prefer (and hence why I am not the biggest fan of cream cleansers!), and it leaves my skin feeling so amazingly soft and smooth afterwards.

This cleanser would be suitable for all skin types, from oily to sensitive, so if you’re looking a cleansing oil, I highly recommend you try it. I have honestly found a new favourite, I’ll be buying this again.
*This product was kindly provided for consideration, and has been reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.

Keen to try this Clarins Cleansing Oil when it hits the shelves in a few weeks? Do you use cleansing oils? Which one is your favourite? And do you use any Clarins products?


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