3 August 2013

Product Review: Lust Have It – July Box – Review & Giveaway…and August box teaser..

Having a little baby has certainly turned my world upside down, so I am a little behind with my blog posts, and I think by now everyone would have seen reviews of this month’s July Lust Have It Box, but still I thought that I’d post a review of what I received…. And do keep reading, as I will also tell you how to get a discount on your first box, as well as you have a chance of WINNING a Lust Have It box yourself… and not to mention a TEASER of what’s in store for the August box..

What They Say:
"Lust Have It boxes regularly contains products worth $60+ for only $19.95/mth! Monthly box filled with 5 to 6 premium beauty samples. Delivered to your home or work each month for you to try."

RRP: Lust Have It Box (monthly) RRP: $19.95, Eco Box (quarterly) RRP: $29.95 – but read on to find out how to get a discount on your first box..
Available from Lust Have It

What I Say:
This month’s box comes in a pretty pale blue and beige floral printed box, and it has been updated with a magnetic closure, so it closes better, making it even better to use as storage - as I mentioned last month, I can as being quite useful for storing other things such as jewellery, hair ties etc.

The Lust Have It July box is using 'Vibrant Beauty', saying that "in the spirit of Australia’s gorgeous weather all year around for July we celebrate Vibrant Beauty. We have carefully selected a number of products to keep you looking vibrant on the inside and out!". I am not quite sure that I find the items in the box to be particularly 'vibrant', but anyway, this is what was in the July Lust Have It Box;

 Nude by Nature Natural Tinted Mineral Moisturiser with Sunscreen – Full Size ($19.95, 30ml)

I had already seen in a teaser Lust Have It posted on their Facebook page that the July box would include this full sized product. I have heard a lot of good things about Nude by Nature, but actually never tried any of their products, so I have been rather excited about this, and the fact that is a full sized product is even better. I am not quite sure of the colour of this cream, but it seems to match my skintone perfectly, so that’s all that matters. And it smells absolutely amazing too. Currently being a stay-at-home mum, these days I tend to use more BB creams or tinted moisturisers instead of more covering foundations, so I do look forward to trying this one.

Knotties by Condition Culture Hair Ties – RRP US$6.25

These hair ties are supposedly meant to not snag or crease your hair, and have been designed to look great both in the hair and around the wrist as arm jewellery!! And am I the only one with long hair always running around with a hair tie/scrunchie around the wrist. If I have my long hair out for the day, I always, always, always have a scrunchie – hey, even if I have my hair up, I have one!! Pretty, well no, not particularly, and well, they always leave a nasty mark on my wrist. I am not quite sure how these hair ties will be any different from others on the market with not snagging hair, but at least I don’t think they will be leaving a mark on your wrist. And as my hair seems to be particularly prone to breaking at the moment (blame the cold winter weather as well as a change in hormones in my body after giving birth 6 weeks ago!), so I do look forward to trying these. 

I got one in a pink and yellow design, and one in black and gold, which will be the one I like the best, as the other one just doesn’t match anything that I wear.

Colorsmash by Condition Culture Hair Shadow – sample 3 g (RRP US$15)

This hair colour looks like an eye shadow, and is supposed to be ‘smashed’ onto the hair, and sealed with a spray, and then washes out again. I was given colour called Gold Rush, which as the name suggests is a shimmering gold colour. I am glad that I got this colour, as I have seen others getting more vibrant colours, which I would never personally have used. This gold colour will no doubt look nice in especially darker hair giving it a nice look, but I am actually not entirely sure how to apply this evenly into the hair (and there are no instructions!), also because my shadow disc had completely shattered, so I will have to play around with it on a day I am not doing anything too special, just in case I stuff it up completely, and make sure that I wear some old clothes in case it creates a bit mess seeing its broken!

Goldwell Stylesign Hot Form Heat Styling Lotion – sample 30ml (RRP $24.95, 150ml)

As the name suggests, this is a styling lotion to be used when heat styling the hair, giving the hair protection of up to 200 degrees, which does sound pretty impressive. It is to help control frizz while also adding shine to the hair. This sounds great and I do look forward to trying this, although I have to be honest that I only hair dry and straighten my hair on very special occasions – with a six week old baby that is learning to grab onto anything and everything, I have quickly realised that I need to keep my hair up, if I don’t want to loose several handfuls of hair every day, and then there’s simply no need to style it too much, a quick pony, bun or braid does the job.

Swisse Hand Cream with Vitamin F & Pomegranate – sample 30ml (RRP$29.95, 500ml)

I think I about the only person yet to try some of the Swisse skincare products, so I am quite excited to see this hand cream in this month’s box. And being winter my hands always get so dry, and on top of that, with two dogs living inside, I  always wash my hands a lot, but now with a baby, I wash my hands even more often, which is certainly not helping my dry hands either. So I go through bucket loads of hand cream at the moment, so the timing is great. I can’t wait to try it!

Natralus NatraSan Antibacterian Hand Sanitiser Chamomile & Apple Blossom Spray – Full size (RRP $4.49, 28ml)

I am not normally one to use hand sanitisers. They were not around or at least readily available when I grew up, and well, I’m still alive and healthy!! But in saying that, now that we have a baby and have two dogs, I find that it is very handy thing to have, and find myself using it several times during the day, including after I’ve just changed a dirty nappy and I can’t get to the sink straight away to wash my hands because I have a baby in my arms.

I first thought that this small spray was a sample, so surprised when I realised that it was in fact a full sized product!! But it smells amazing – I love the smell of apple blossoms – and it is a nice change with a nice smelling sanitiser, as usually they all smell quite clinical and like alcohol!! This claims to kill germs, not hands, which with my dry hands (see above!), is just perfect, and I like too that it is made using 99% natural organic ingredients. This small bottle will be a perfect addition to my nappy bag!

Health Essentials Maqui Berry Active – 6g sachet sample (RRP $45, 150g)

This is an antioxidant containing 100% organic freeze dried maqui berry powder. It has three times more antioxidants than acai berries, and taken daily it has been proven to give the body all it needs to function at optimal performance!! IT can be used with smoothies, shakes, water, juice, ice-cream, yoghurt, cereal, desserts etc. This does sound very interesting and I look forward to trying it out (maybe it will temporarily help with the tiredness from getting up in the middle of the night to fee our son) but at $45 I do not think that I am likely to purchase this.

Overall, like last month, I thought that the July Lust Have it Box contains was a nice selection of products, which were all new to me, so I will enjoy trying them out. On terms of value, the Nude by Nature cream on its own covers the cost of the box, so really the rest of the products are just a bonus. I will enjoy trying especially the Nude by Nature cream, and also the Swisse Handcream, so for me the box is worth its cost because of these two products. And while I will use the Natralus NatraSan Antibacterian Hand Sanitiser, and the Goldwell Stylesign Hot Form Heat Styling Lotion, and the Knotties Hair Ties will also come in handy, these products just do sadly just not rock my world that much, and probably not products that I would ever have considered purchasing.

Lust Have It August Box Teaser…
Still I am looking very forward to the August Box… Lust Have It has already given a teaser of what to expect in the August box…a full-sized Revlon PhotoReady Skinlights worth $29.95…woohoo, I can’t wait to try that one out – my only worry is not getting the colour that suits my skintone..

And by the way, have you checked out Lust Have It’s new online magazine Lustre….if not, you can see it here. 

Discount Offer

Have you signed up to any monthly beauty subscription boxes? Thinking of trying the Lust Have It Box and getting a selection of new beauty products to try delivered to your door every month?

Each month the Lust Have It box includes 5 or 6 hand-picked beauty samples worth $60+ delivered to your door for only $19.95/mnth. Some of the brands you can expect to trial include: Benefit, Shiseido, Kerastase, Glasshouse and Laura Mercier to name a few. 

For more information, check out the Lust Have It website

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Well now on to the good news… the nice people at Lust Have It are wanting to give away 10…..yep, that’s right TEN Lust Have it boxes to Beauty & Lifestyle Hunter readers. This means that ten lucky readers have a chance to win a box each. How good is that!!! Chick here for further details and to enter.

Good luck everyone!

What do you think of this month’s Lust Have It box? Are you a subscriber? What were your favourite products? Or are you maybe considering subscribing?


  1. The July box looks like quite a nice box. Im currently subbed to Violet Box and not too sold on BB or LHI as I find they really fluctuate in terms of quality of contents. The full size Revlon Skinlights is a definite plus though. Hopefully you receive the right shade!

    1. I think these beauty boxes may always be a little hit and miss, good some months, and not so good the next. The Revlon skinlights is great, but again, provided that it comes in the correct shade, otherwise it would be a waste!


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